On Vertical Limit

Vertical Limit. I had seen the movie a long long time ago. Didn’t really remember much what went on in the movie except that a couple of guys climbed, a couple of guys died and stuff like that. One of the days in HMI, we decided to watch this movie together on returning to civilization. And we did watch it a few days back. Her CD. My laptop. As we saw the movie, we often shouted together in chorus. Things like – ‘how fucking huge is the base-camp’, ‘those shades are so close to the ones that Mendu sir gave you no?’, ‘why ain’t she driving pittens to anchor him – the ice-axe will obviously come out’, ‘how could the rope break in just one fall – they should have carried new ones’, ‘how can he pull her up without a jumar? ok, ok, there’s the jumar attached’, ‘that’s a North Face tent’, ‘she has Marmot gloves’, ‘look at those snow-boots – they are just like ones we used’, ‘why is he walking in crampons? is he walking over a glacier? Ah well, this actually is a glacier’. And more things like that. How we sometimes manage to see the same things in an altogether different light.

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