My cellphone story

For a long long time I never understood why anyone needed costly phones. In fact, a goddamn Shitoon was devoted at ridiculing phones with multiple features. The highest I ever paid for a phone was about 5k. Then I lost that phone. In Ladakh. In fact I lost two phones at the same time. Thank you Ladakh. After returning from Ladakh, I bought a phone that cost me less than 1.5k. I was happy with it.

About 12 months ago, Singa Patel got himself a Google Nexus. It came for about 35k. And I kept haranguing him for months – forcing him to justify why anyone needed to spend so much onΒ  a goddamn phone. He gave several justifications but I remained unconvinced. I did go to Chroma once to look for a better phone (as compared to my 1.5k gadget, not as compared to Singa’s 35k jewelery). At Chroma, I even ended up liking a stuff that came for about 20k. But then I said to myself – hey, when I can buy a cute small metallic red HP laptop for 25k why should I pay 20k for a phone?

That day, in Chroma, I really did buy a cute small metallic red HP netbook for 25k. Even when I didn’t need a laptop. I thought I would use it as a handy internet browser as I continued using my 1.5k phone for making and receiving calls and text. It’s another matter that I could not use the cute HP laptop much – my official mails only came in my company laptop and it became a pain to juggle around between two machines. When Sweety told me she needed a laptop, I gifted to her the cute small metallic netbook with all the grace that the most lovable brother in this world can possess. To put things in perspective, I suck when it comes to giving gifts.

Things changed when for my birthday in Mumbai (in July last year), Subbu and Sweety gifted me a slider Samsung Corby with touch-screen and all that. I liked the phone. And I liked touching the screen. And finally I started using internet on phone. One small step for mankind. A giant leap for the man.

But then, it was only when I started observing how efficiently MRP could read and write e-mails on her white Blackberry, I realized how my Corby sucked. Samsung Corby is cute and all that – but creating / sending mails or browsing sites is just too inconvenient.

When Haileo showed up with a brand new Blackberry Torch last week – probably the first BB with touchscreen and stuff – I really got hooked to the idea of procuring something equally fascinating for myself. I wonder though, why I never got equally (or more) motivated from the iPhone that Haileo had been using before he switched to Torch. Anyway, too late to think about that. Let’s talk about what I did finally.

Two days back I ordered from Flipkart an HTC Desire HD for myself. Yay.

The phone is yet to arrive. But I have already compiled a list of Android apps that I would like to install.Β  Do you want to suggest additional apps? Please do no.

  • Kindle – I really don’t know how convenient it is to read books on phone but let’s see
  • Skyfire – isn’t like that the best browser for Android?
  • Google Voice – though I am not sure it works in India yet
  • Evernote –Β  any substitute that you would like to recommend?
  • Barcode Scanner – because I think it’s cool
  • WordPress for Android – because my blog uses WordPress
  • Aldiko Book Reader – it promises free e-books and all that
  • Quickpedia – guess this is the best way to use Wikipedia on cellphone?
  • Sketchbook Express – let’s see if I can make Shitoons using this
  • Google Goggles – coz it’s cool
  • Google Reader App – so that I can read posts when travelling
  • Swype – looks like an awesome typing aid to me – anyone tried it?

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I have a two month old HTC Desire. Loved it initially. Now its just another nifty gadget I don’t have time to play with. But the possibilities of a smart phone is mind boggling – You’ll really enjoy it (at least in the beginning).

HTC desire HD is a very powerful phone – awesome speed!

I was blown off when it created contacts right off my facebook friends, who had phone numbers updated (I have urs *****094 in my contacts) in their settings and the maps feature is super. But do watch out for the battery consumption.

– Download lots of games. Robo defence, space war, doodle jump, ninja kaka, angry bird, winds of steel are my favorites. Having a high-end phone with a great processor means you can try out any games.
– Try mnote instead of evernote, lightweight app.
– get dropbox (a must)
– With AppBrain’s app you can install apps from their website itself.
– colornote is cool
– Note Everything is another great app.
– It’s cool to take a pic and with a click share it on your facebook wall.
– Don’t worry about buying apps, you will have 24hrs to reject and get your money back. I purchased 1 or 2 games after playing their trail versions.
– camscanner uses your camera to scan documents (very useful)
– Gym Babes and sexy girl screensaver are very “Interesting” πŸ˜‰
– barcode scanner is amazing – just point your camera to a barcode online and download an app (Use AppBrain’s website to find & Install apps)
– Skype is good if your calling friends overseas.
– App2SD is a must to save memory card space
– SystemPanel is a great app to monitor your memory or CPU usage. Without this your phone will soon be out of control with random apps eating your battery.
– LindaManager or FileManager to explore files on your phone.

You can spend a long time playing with this expensive toy. I still have to read the 250page user manual of HTC desire.

(Sign! Just spent 30 mts preparing this comment at work)

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