The year 2010 that was

I just read last year’s post on this topic. And I smiled. And then I thought I should write one more. For 2010 that was.

Virginity loss. Two relationships. Three girls who made-out. First visit to North America. The Niagara Falls. The Regina Casino. The nostalgic Boston. The drunk night out and flirtations in New York. The hangover inflicted Los Angeles. The fog hidden Golden Gate Bridge. The beautiful Vancouver. Cute Calgary. Biking in the Canadian Rockies. Yet another half marathon. First full marathon. Beard. Suits. Infinite trips to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. Very few books. And life goes on.

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Did you realize that last year you had many adventures and travelling, maybe because you were single!

Good fun man…The SkyDiving thing is still pending for both of us!

every alternate year india today’s survey tells us…the average urban age of loosing it is getting lesser…alreday around 20+ 😉

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