More than I have been with anyone else

The best part about her is that very effortlessly, she lets me be with myself. There is never a word of whining if I cannot talk on phone or meet her because of work overload or because of my running schedules. There is never a satirical comment if she has to go shopping alone. And at the same time there is truck-load of love when we have time for each other. This is incredible. She is like God’s gift. And I am lucky God chose me to gift her. Even when I haven’t really been a praying person and stuff. May be someone else prayed for me.

If it doesn’t work out with MRP, it can never work out with anyone ever. Yes, MRP is that good. And I am in love with her more than I have been with anyone else.

PS: I had sat down to write a funny post and this is all I could write. LOL.

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