Bali had left the firm but he had left most of his possessions back here in the guest-house. Here in Gandhinagar. So that he could come back later and take them with him. He hasn’t come back so far. The last he called me up was few days ago when he said he was watching 3 idiots and remembering the good old guest-house days. I understood what he missed. But I also understood what he had now. His family. His growing baby.

Anyway, the reason I am talking about Bali is that a couple of days back someone came and took away his car. His Maruti Zen with the TN number plate. And I miss that car now. Which must have reached Bali by now. I miss it horribly. And badly. I had become too used to driving it.  Driving it all the time. Whether it was to go meet the clients or to take colleagues out for a movie or to see MRP. And now all that I have is my cycle. Which is a loner’s thing anyway. Bah. I know I should get myself a car and all that but bah.

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