The drunk and happy post on working, drinking, running and making out

Oh my. Oh my. That expression was for my life. My life is in full swing.


In Indore, we stayed at Sayaji – Kates and I. Rooms in Sayaji had this nice super cool i-pod based system where using a tweaked i-pod, you could wirelessly operate all the lights, TV and the music system. And because the i-pod was basically linked to a computer, you had access to an infinite collection of movies and music for free. The movies when you played them, ran on the TV screen and the music, when you played it, came from the speakers of the music system. Pretty neat. I had never seen anything like this anywhere in my life. Neither in India, nor abroad. Most of the time that I worked from the hotel room, some movie or the other kept playing in the background. Like Trishul for example. Mai panch lakh ka sauda karne aya hoon, aur mere jeb me panch phooti kaudi bhi nahin hai!

We had a good time in Indore, trying out different restaurants of Sayaji. The taste of food didn’t change with changing restaurants though. One evening, I got myself a new pair of sexy shoes and did a 10k on the hotel’s treadmill. One morning, I swam in borrowed swim-pants. For just half an hour though. Because the water was cold. And most of times, I drankย  beer. Gallons of it.


A week or two before leaving for Indore, MRP and I had started seeing each other. When I returned from Indore, we met the way couples meet and we saw Anjana-Anjani together. Over Fosters. And after that night, we weren’t Anjana-Anjani any more. We were boyfriend-girlfriend. We were drunk and happy.

I crashed most of the next day and in the evening when she returned, I treated her with my recently discovered Vodka-Rooh-Afza cocktail. And then we made out pretty much everywhere in the guest-house: on the terrace, over the bed, lying on the floor, standing inside bathroom, sitting on the bike’s saddle, atop kitchen shelf, over dining table – everywhere. We were drunk and happy.


And then last week, I went to Bangalore for few days. To my good luck, MRP happened to be in the town as well. And every time we were together, we were drunk and happy. And making out. I did keep going for my 10K’s though – because the half marathon was only days away.ย  In Bangalore, I also caught up with LoLy and Taploo and Jar. And we partied. In places like Leela Palace and Hard Rock Cafe. Jar and me even ran a 5k one morning in Cubbon park. By the way, on the last day in Bangalore, before leaving for Delhi to do the half marathon, I banged LoLy’s Alto on a pole. I am an ass-hole. Tol mol ke bol.


After landing in Delhi a day before the marathon day, I waited for her at the domestic airport. Till I realized that several airlines had been shifted to the international airport. So I took a taxi and reached the international airport and waited for her there. And then she came. After few years. And we felt complete when we hugged each other. Or may be we just felt better because Delhi was very cold. If I didn’t have to run a 21k the next day, we would have gotten drunk and been happy that night as well.

As we were waiting in the queue to the holding area next morning, a funny guy standing in front of of us was telling a funny running-story to few friends of his. ‘In one of the marathons, I saw Milind Soman running. So I tried running with him. At his pace. And then I realized that the guy was just too fast. So I gave up after a while. And then I found a black man running. I thought of syncing my pace with him so that I could push myself hard enough. Guess what, the black man started panting and couldn’t run after just 2-3k. And then I made a note to myself – not all black men are runners’.

Not all black men are runners – MRP and I kept giggling over this. And then she asked me if I also had a funny running story to tell. I told her I didn’t. Mamme and Moli found us in the queue and I got my bib, my timing chip and rest of the running kit – I thank them for collecting these on my behalf the previous day. When we reached the holding area, I gave her a kiss and started my run. In less than two hours, I finished my run. I was sweating like shit. So I removed my t-shirt. To use it asย  a towel to wipe sweat off my dripping body. She found the topless me in the crowd. She came over and gave me a hug and I gave to her my medal. Later that evening, we were drunk and happy.

image: outside gate no. 4 at 0530 AM


When I first saw her I thought she was snobbish and all that. I don’t know why but I thought like that. Over the weeks, I realized she was a rather sweet person. In fact, too sweet to be true. I keep telling this to her all the time. I keep telling her that I am waiting for her to get really really annoyed and angry and pissed off with me over something or the other. Because unless that happens, I really wouldn’t know how much of love really is in the air. This is one reason, why I hardly ever use the words ‘I love you’. Even when she ends up saying so once in a while. We are both waiting to see how this thing between us grows. We are both very hopeful. And generally drunk and happy.

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No offence, but seriously, what happened to the blogger vatsa? Your blog has turned into your online journal or something. Well, there was a time when your articles were a pleasure to read, but recently, its been morphed into something you should be writing in your diary at night. Is there another blog you own? If not, I request a resurrection of the old vatsap.

๐Ÿ™‚ generally drunk and happy ๐Ÿ™‚ my best wishes for all the best possible things coming ahead

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