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Wanted to share the following with you. Generally.

  • Vodka mixed with Rooh Afza tastes awesome. Try it. I did.
  • Mohsin Hamid wrote a book called ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist‘ in 2007. I read it last week. I would call it ‘okayish’ (2/5).
  • John L. Parker wrote a book called ‘Once a Runner‘ much earlier in 1978. I finished reading it few hours ago. I found it cute (3/5). If you had to read just one chapter, you should read the chapter called ‘The Race’. But then, if you have never run a race, you wouldn’t really get it.
  • Only 10 more more days to go for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Run it. I will.
  • After a hard run, it feels wonderful to notice that the shoe-sole has come off. In less than a year. Because that means you ran enough. Because that also means, you would get to buy new shoes.
  • Bangalore is a cute cold place for going to pubs. I’ll be in the city for three days next week. Come let’s drink together. Even when we wouldn’t find Vodka mixed with Rooh Afza.
  • Whatsapp doesn’t work for Samsung phones.
  • The last line of the trailer of ‘Yamla Pagla Diwaana’ is simply hilarious.
  • Due Date is a friggin hilarious movie. Watch it. I did. A statement from the movie that I can probably never forget – ‘Dad, you were like a father to me’. ROTFL. Please please please go watch it.
  • The idea of attending a Mexican theme based party the coming weekend sounds tempting – the idea of also climbing real hills the next day sounds even better. Do that. I just might.
  • I shall leave for Indore in few hours so that I can help the city development authority come up with a sports complex amongst other things – what do you think their sports stadium should be called? Indore Stadium. LOL.

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