Being at home, running and happy Diwali

Tomorrow is Diwali. Tomorrow is Friday. I am at home. Been here since Monday. Will be here till Sunday night.

Sometimes I wonder if I should call this place home. It is just a house that papa built some years ago. And where papa and mummy live. It is their house. It is their home. For some reasons, I don’t feel at home when at this house. I just feel like I am with papa and mummy. And somehow it’s not the same as feeling at home. May be because I didn’t grow up in this house. This house  was built when I was in IIT after all. In fact, in IIT I felt more like at home. A home I cannot return to anymore. Until I decide to do a PhD. Or become a professor of course. I don’s miss that place too much anyway. My life has never been about the places I have lived in. It has only been about the people I have lived with.

I feel at home even when I am running. And that means I don’t really need a house for a home. And that means I have a home everywhere where there is ground. At least as long as I can run. And that’s pretty cool if you think about it. Think about it sometime. Lol.

When I was in North America, I ran in couple of cities – Toronto, San Jose and Seattle. And kind of in Vancouver. The idea then was to get in shape before my cycling trip commenced. Tried hitting the gym too sometimes, though with extreme irregularity. So on the first day of the cycling trip, I wasn’t too sure how ready I was to do it. The next few days revealed later that I was fit enough. Thank God.

Ok I have lost the point of this post. But I am sure I wanted to let you guys know that there’s a new header out here. Me and Sweety. Swinging a rather fragile jhoola papa got a day or two ago. Subbu shall arrive in few hours time and the whole family shall be together to celebrate Diwali tomorrow. At home. I might go for running in the evening of course. At home. Happy Diwali folks.

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