I went to Toronto. And then to…

I went to Toronto. And then to Regina. And then to Ottawa. And then to Boston. For couple of hours even to NY. And then to LA. And San Diego. And in San Jose right now. And there is so much that happened. I am sorry I do not know what all to write about. And what all to skip. You see this is an official trip. So I can’t write about everything. In fact, I can’t write about most of the things that happened. Much of that is boring anyway. And as far as all the non-official encounters go, they are once again too personal to be talked about here. But I will try. Give me some time. May be once I am biking in Canada and once I am on my own and I don’t have to do any ‘work’, I will write journals. Long ones. Beautiful ones. And then the writer in me shall come back. And the reader in you shall feel good about me. Right now, I just feel like the poet who does not know how to write poems. And I feel like jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

If I don’t jump off, I would depart for Seattle tomorrow. And I would be sleepless in Seattle till I leave for Vancouver. And I hear Vancouver is a lovely city. A beautiful city. So is Calgary. Where I would fly to. To mark the end of the business trip. And the beginning of the cycling trip. Yes I plan to bike.  I would rent one from Calgary and carry it all way to Jasper. On a bus. They say it’s allowed. I would have to leave most of my luggage in Calgary though. Because from Jasper I plan to ride down on a bike. All the way back to Calgary. In few days time. About 400 kilometers. One of the most beautiful places to ride a bike. To write stories. To live life.

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I liked the upload in youtube about IITM campus…narrated in a funny style…and got to see this blog once i tried to have a peek a boo into your profile…

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