Aisha, Strobe-experiment, caricatures etc.

I must confess that depression kinda tried hitting back this weekend. It had to happen. I hadn’t been low since quite some time after all.

We saw Aisha on Friday night – Bali, Ali and I. I know many wouldn’t like it. It was very art-housie stuff. But it had class. And we kinda liked it. For what it was. Abhay Deol was brilliant. As usual. Sonam has a long way to go when it comes to acting. The girl who played Shefali seemed to be over-acting initially. But she nailed the role as the movie progressed. Cyrus cracked his role too – awesome performance from him. And just like Nita, I have been loving the song – Shaam bhi koi. Amit Trivedi has a goood future.

On Saturday night, I motivated Machul and Bali to be my bakras for my strobe experiment. We did some photo-shoot together in the guest-house (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine). Bali and I even went for a drive outside in the middle of the night. But it was raining and all that. So we couldn’t do much shooting.

On Sunday afternoon, when I got up from sleep, I suddenly realized that I was too alone. It took me quite some time to accept that it was okay to feel that way. I chatted with Chutki over phone. And it felt nice. It had been a boring day for her as well. And then I chatted with Ms. Short Story. And with Neelabh. And Taploo. And Sweety.

If things go as planned, I might soon end up catching up with Taploo and Loly and Tiwari. And before I end this post, following are this weekend’s celeb caricature.

Jadugar bachcha

He loved kids

bhookha bhediya

8 replies on “Aisha, Strobe-experiment, caricatures etc.”

1) The strobe experiment looks good

2) As Arpita said, you are not alone, so chill 🙂

3) I guess you are thinking too much these days, thoda kam soch be and focus on strobes 🙂

This might not be the most appropriate place to question. But. I was thinking. How time does it take you to make one caricature given you have reason and determination enough to make it?

1) thanks – tere di hui cheez hai, to tera badaai karna banta hai 😛
2) Yo man!
3) 😀 mai to hamesha se hi jyaada sochta aaya hoon vaise

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