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Tota, Dhee, Cycling, Caricatures and Ma-Kali

Tota was in town for Haileo’s marriage. Personally, for me, that was the best part about the whole affair. To have him around gives back to me all the lost days of IIT – especially the fist few years. There is a kind of friendship where the soul connects effortlessly. I think that applies to Tota and I. You don’t have to talk about anything when the soul connects. You just have to be around each other. And you feel better. And full of life. You keep singing songs in chorus till your lungs burst. And the lungs never burst.

Every time I see Dhee, she appears bigger. May be this applies to every small child. Dhee is a small child. And she is adorable.

I took up cycling again about two weeks ago. I have this gut feeling that I would get to peddle quite a bit in a foreign land. Soon.

I know it’s a random post. To render it randomer, let me throw in few caricatures that I made today. Because Subbu wanted them. And if you are into praying and all that, please pray that Ma-kali gets well soon (she hurt herself yesterday in an accident).

Risk to spiderman ko bhi lena padta haiKitne pratishat bhartiyaa ye blog padhte hain?

PS: Characters in this post described here.

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