I went to Snow-world and Ramoji film-city

I went to Hyd this week. In Hyd, I went to Snow-world and Ramoji film-city.

Snow-world was like a garage. It smelled like a refrigerator. And felt like one too. With all those yellow lights inside, it also resembled a studio. The ambience looked cute initially, with all those white smashed ice spread across the floor. But in a while, the artificiality of the place started getting on my nerves. Soon, from cute, the place turned ugly. And suffocating. And cold as hell. But we had a nice time till we moved out – bro, sis, ma, papa and I. It was funny to roam around in shining slithering red and blue jackets and hood caps.

The film-city were we went the next day was a funny place. We mostly moved around inside an AC bus and passed buildings that didn’t have rooms; only frontal facade with doors and windows. Then there were buildings with all faces different, like there was one with one face of that of airport, another of that of hospital and another of that of church.  These buildings were like adults. Fake and funny.

Then there were some shows in the Film-city – the action-show were chinkies in cowboy attires did some rather cool stunts, the dance show that was kinda boring and the most entertaining of them all – the Basanti show, where we were shown how green screens were used to edit video-backgrounds.

I had known the funda of green screens ever since I had known what Adobe Premiere was. But I liked the way they presented the funda anyway. A random lady from the audience was dressed as Basanti and made to sit inside a stationary wheel-less tanga. One could see a green screen behind the tanga. The wooden axle of the wheel-less tanga was long enough for Basanti’s husband to sit outside the camera frame and hold the axle and keep vibrating it, and thus the whole tanga in turn. And that’s what he did. Basanti in the mean time, kept  throwing the lagaam in air once in a while and kept turning back occasionally as if there were people chasing her. And as they kept doing this – Basanti and her husband,  a live video was started being projected on a screen behind them. In the video, the green background had been replaced by a video of a handful of dacoits riding horses. It was funny to see this live and most of us kept laughing throughout. Except Basanti and her husband who couldn’t really understand for a long time, what the whole laughing deal was all about (here’s a link to YT video).

There was nothing further spectacular in the Film-city to be written about. We mostly took pictures of each other with life-size putlas of Batman, Spiderman, The Mask and even Jackie Chan. We are cute family. LOL.

Hiyoon Kiyoon Choon Phoon hu hadus sar veli - hu ha ha

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While there, I learned how to eat rice with my hands after carefully observing a mother feeding her kid. That’s my main Ramoji memory. Else is “whateva” types. Ooh, and also – every single aadmi AND AURAT (old, young) was freakin’ staring at me. I don’t effin’ get it still.

I visited Ramoji two weeks back…and loved it… 🙂 the gardens, the sets, the shows… It was a trance 🙂 Ramoji is truly the heart of make-belief 🙂

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