One of my juniors is dead

And his body is in Irvine (USA) where he was pursuing his PhD (University of California). His name was Nai. Also Mahesh Mahadevan. He died on 10th April 2010 but his body was discovered few days later. If any of you reading this post knew him and liked him, and have some money with you, please contribute to this fund that shall help his body to be sent back to India. Thanks. And yes, most of us from IIT Madras are feeling sad and weird because of Nai’s untimely death – even people like me who mostly met him at Gurunath.

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Mystery regarding the death of UCI PhD student – Mr.Mahesh Mahadevan – still going on……
It is nearing six months now, after the sad incident of the brightest Indian student – who may become a great Scientist – unfortunately found killed in the California University Campus in a suspicious condition. If one goes through his postmortem and other reports, one can find several contradictory statements regarding the death.
Some of which are : The Police as well as the Forensic Pathologist Dr.Aruna Singhania – who performed the postmortem – reported that the death taken place days before the body found, because it has been decomposed at the time of post mortem; whereas the Orange County Sheriff Coroner confirms the date of death as 15th April. Don’t know the basis for arriving at this date. This reflects the irresponsible and callous manner of the OCSC in arriving at a final decision. He was reported missing on 10th April. As per report a helicopter search was carried out on a later date. However, the body was found only on 15th April. Eventhough they have searched him they could not find nothing upto 15th April. Suddenly, on 15th April somebody found his body and the authorities says that it is a suicide. The question is: if it was a suicide, where was his body during the search period. Also the dead body’s head & face has been covered with two plastic covers – one is transparent which was tightly tied with nylon thread (which has to be cut out by the police with sharp instrument), and the other is an opaque. It is an established fact that nobody can commit suicide by simply putting a plastic bag into face. At the time of suffocation, they will escape using all their strength, even though it will be made of some strong material other than plastic. Here, no signs of escape reported and his nails and fingers are clean. There are so many statements like this which are not correlating. No photographs of the body has been issued to the concerned, even though several requests has been made for the same. The above statements compels one to believe that the brilliant boy has been kidnapped and murdered. The authorities are hiding the truth away from all of us.

yeah..i too read this post in sayan’s blog! How can it be proved and found what really happened? Someone must be there in UCI who could help us!

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