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My life is pretty mundane. It’s so mundane that many a times when I think of ending it, it gets difficult for me to reason out why I should not. Pretty freaky yeah. I mean I get up – I work-out – I work – I travel – I read books – I draw sometimes – I write blog posts – I learn new things – I talk to people – I eat & drink. And there it goes. This is life. Where is the reason to keep struck in this loop? I am sure I will die soon. The things that I want to do before I die are the following:

  • Read 1000 books and then write one myself (I think the current count is less than 100)
  • Have sex in the open (beach preferably)
  • Release a Music Album
  • Climb Mt. Everest (need a much higher paying job to accomplish this one)
  • Adopt a baby girl (if I actually do this, I might probably have to live for a long long time but then, it would be every bit worth it in that case)
  • Ride a horse from Manali to Leh – self supported
  • Play the role of a villain in a Bollywood flick


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1) Write a book yourself and then number for you have read will boost up, i think so..
2) it’s easy
3) its very easy, you need some chut friends like me and don’t care for a) money b) world
4) Thats it. Moon etc?
5) Conditional Adoptions. If I die etc ..try karo formula
6) Pahadi the app peechel janam me..
7) and heroin?

Single parent adoption is not easy specially for a guy.Have worked for NGO’s so have idea. 🙄

Adoption ka khyal chod hee do beta.U need to grow up first.

1.1000 books anyone can manage in 2 years even if person is very busy. : 💡

2.For sex u need to go to goa once u will surely get somebody over there. 😆

3.Music album k liye u need only 10 lakhs.

4.Even for everst u need some money tat u can easily manage.

5.And better u dont adopt a baby girl please.Adopt a baby boy.Better for u 😳 .

6.Horse riding ka kya hai yaar tat only requires some training.take one month leave and practise. :

7.Villian ka role karnay kee kya jaroart hai.sab janatay 😳 hai. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

1. An year has 365 days, even if you finish one book daily – you can read only 730 books in two years. Please recalculate your estimated time!

2. Thanks for the advice but I would rather not do this in India.

3. I wouldn’t need to much money for this. I need to complete my songs that I have been working for ages now.

4. I would need about 15 lakhs to be spent in 2 months. Not happening too soon.

5. I like girls more than boys.

6. Which company gives you a month leave?

7. Oops!

1. I am not yet impressed with my writing. And I believe that reading books makes you a better writer. 1000 is an arbitrary number but I have often thought about it this way – if I can’t start writing good even after having read 1000 books, then I better quit writing!

2. Not if you are as shy as me with girls (I blush when I flirt)

3. Yeah, working on it.

4. Never thought of Moon really. Mt. Everest is within range as of now. Anyone with 15 lakh rupees and a jigar can attempt it.

5. Naah – when I said adopt, I meant take up an orphan and raise her and see to her that she gets love and education and the option to choose what she wants to do in this life.

6. LOL – actually you might be right!

7. after the movie, no one would remember who the heroine was – they would only remember my performance – ‘Fuck – he rocked’. :mrgreen:

1.Oh is it calculation ka kya mistake hotay rahtay hai.

2. First try to understand the way a girl thinks,before adopting a baby girl.

Oops missed out to write out something for second point.

2.Better go to amsterdam.World’s best place for having sex.

Your Mom i think she will be very old by the time u decide.And for old people also adoption is not easy.Known fact.Better collect all details from some orphanage.U will know the facts. 😐

But are you sure you would break through the loop? For all you know (assuming in chronological order), you might go back to writing another book after you are done with your 7th wish of playing a bollywood Darth Vader.
Or maybe, you’ll write a book. Have sex on the beach. Have sex on the beach again. And again. And again. And generate another loop.
To think of it, Reincarnation is a loop. Life. Death. Life.
Life is a loop. Day. Night. Day.
Will you ever breath through these loops? No. Will ever breakthrough mundanity?Maybe. Its all a higher logic 🙄

1 – It would be wasting your time…as in…reading books is good…but if you want to read them to improve on your skills…then you are wasting time…loha abhi garam hai 😛

2 – I am not surprised at all….this was expected :mrgreen:

3 – LOL….reminded me of LSD which I watched yesterday 😆 (the last story)

4 – You can do it… and I am sure you must have started saving for the same 😎

5 – Adopt 2 girls rather….one as wife and the other as daughter…first one would make the second one happen easily 😉

6 – This is also feasible for you… 😀

7 – Now this one is LOL….I would definitely go for the movie… I hope you would be better than Himesh Reshamiya 🙄 😈

1 – I don’t agree to that. I am waiting for the day when I read a good book and feel I can do a better job. Even if that doesn’t happen after I am 1000 books down, I would write anyway.

2 – 😀 horny me!

3 – Haven’t see the movie. But insha allah – shall soon get done with this one.

4 – I haven’t stared saving a dime. Let’s see.

5 – That’s exactly what my girl-friend says. 😳

6 – Need to learn horse riding as soon as I can.

7 – Take that for granted.

“The things that I want to do before I die are the following:” won’t let “I will die soon.” happen, :D.

seems like someone’s in a hurry to ‘live’…. dun rush it amrit.. not unless life doesn’t give u choice… nothin u do will impress u unless u find meaning in that activity… who ever said growin up was easy?? ….sigh….

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