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I realized yesterday at Bali’s place that I have been living quite a hollow life since the past few months. Bali and I – we are from the same IIT. The same department even. And now we work in the same company. He is an year senior though. Bali and I – we played NFS for hours in his flat over the weekend. FYI, the dude has a SONY play-station that he has connected to some super big wide angle TV. Super big. But definitely not bigger than Hanuman’s.  Hanuman has this huge huge huge mountain of an LCD TV – so gigantic that I refuse to call it a TV at the first place.  So yeah, Bali and I – we played video-games for two days and went to a multiplex to watch a movie and also attended Chhota Hanuman’s budday in between. Chhota Hanuman – Hanuman’s son – a third grader. Or may be fourth. I don’t remember things. I have a very sharp memory. Bali and I – we hunted for a gift for the third grader and guess what – I ended up picking a toy for myself as well – an infra-red remote controlled mini helicopter. For the kid we picked up a gun. A huge gun if you ask me. A mountain of a gun. LOL.

My childhood. I was crazy for guns. Those Leo ones. The  blue coloured mousers that ejected yellow discs. The bigger black coloured barreled ones that ejected those cute and small reddish cylindrical plastic bullets.

You never really had to aim at anything. All you had to do was to sway the machine in the air and let lose your fingers on the trigger. Bang bang. The discs, the bullets – they would fly faster than the speed of light and hit something. Anything. And then you ran and collected the discs. The bullets. And slowly you started losing them. One by one. Sometimes two at a time. And when, one fine day, the ammunition was all over, you still fired sometimes. In the memory of the lost discs. The lost bullets. Life was fun. You had a gun. Lol. Mai aur mera bachpan.

I have been flying my chopper since yesterday and it’s great fun. Maneuvering it is a tough task but then I am improving. I had seen a similar flying helicopter at Bullu uncle’s place in Mumbai last year. Back then, the thing hadn’t flown. I guess, we had run out of batteries or something. Whatever.

I had always wanted some cool toy that actually flew in the air you know – like a butterfly, a bird,  even a mosquito . I had never really liked those plastic aeroplanes that just rolled on the floor. I mean what the fuck yaar – even as a kid, I wasn’t retarded enough to be satisfied by an aeroplane that never took off! Thankfully no one gifted that to me. But even then, whenever I met any kid who felt proud to possess a non-flying aeroplane, I took the kid to be retarded. I still do. You can keep a non-flying chopper though. That’s okay. That’s cool with me. I wouldn’t mind that. Why? Well, coz I had one. LOL – don’t kill me now. You know I am a bad-ass.  All work and no play makes Jack a bad-ass. LOL – again.

Hey hello, one second. Hollow life I was talking about. Hmm. So you see, eating in costly restaurants. Shopping. Multiplexes. TV. Big TVs. Play-stations. I mean, what the hell is happening around me? I am so glad I bought a real toy for a change. And I would really like to keep things real for some time. So I, Vatsap?, with one hand busy clutching my testicles, take an oath this very moment that I am not going to go to a theater or a luxury restaurant till 30th April except when I need to entertain someone and it becomes a pain in the ass to figure out anything else to do. Alright, and now the testicles are hurting, so cyao later. And please do feel jealous of my flying helicopter. RRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

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(1) Photo of the Chopper

(2) I remember how my parents promised me a remote wala hawai jahaj that fly if I clear my entrance for St. Karen’s. I did that. Its been 19 years, and I have still not got that 😉

(3) When are you coming here next 🙂

I purchased the helicopter a few months ago and gifted it to my friend. Loads of fun. Out of sheer frustration, I strayed into the toy dept, while a friend was shopping.

Loved it. So cool!

the post reminded me of my mario days…which also included road fighter, load runner, popey etc…and not to forget the contra and chip&dale partnerships with my bro…those were The Best Day of My Life *Sigh*

I bought a pencil box for myself yesterday…a very cute one…my friend was buying one for her 5 year old nephew 😛

I got reminded of Yu-Fly…haha haha…
also yeh kaisi oath…
I am there on the 14th…n insist on watching My Name is Khan wid you!!…

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