Conveying acronyms over phone…

… get’s a little embarrassing when while explaining your flight PNR number to a call centre lady, you end up saying A for ass. And no, trying to cover up the mistakeย  by pronouncing ‘astronaut’ after a second’s pause doesn’t really help.

PS: It’s drizzling in Delhi in December and I only wish my flight to Bhubaneswar takes off today at least.

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Hey Amrit,

Vatsap ๐Ÿ˜‰ . I chanced upon your blog , 2 weeks back, while going through your post in some bike forum. I thoroughly enjoyed your writing, your snaps at flickr plus shitoons too.
Then I thought there must have been lots of people doing all this good interesting, creative shtuff – let’s read. I browsed and browsed and have been doing some major time pass , reading some 10-15 blogs all these days, including some award-winning ones. I just now realized ๐Ÿ’ก yours was the one I had read most ( I guess > 20 posts) , enjoyed most and would like to keep on reading. Great work

I am slogging it hard for the placement week.. I am in the external committee, so i am the buddy to many HRs and all.. Sometimes I make a shift to the food committee whenever I am hungry.. and.. i guess details would be over chat.

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