From Ahmedabad

We have about 3,000 square feet of office space here in Ahmedabad – all in just one floor. The furnishing is new and shining. There are loads of cool junta in the office with whom I can fart about anything and everything. I do fart about everything and anything with them. So do they. And for a change I am not working ‘only’ for Orissa Tourism.

It’s weird to stay in a hotel – all alone, day after day. The last time I had to suffer an out-of-hotel life was in London – within a week I had gotten sick of it. I am sure I am going to get sick here again. I hope I don’t.

I have no clue where I would be after 20th of November. Would I be back to Bhubaneswar? Chennai? Or would I be in Ahmedabad itself? Pata nahi yaar! But I do know something for sure. I am running the next half-marathon right here in Gujarat. In Vadodara. And the training begins tomorrow.

PS: the traffic here is as weird as I had seen it last – I was in Ahmedabad in May last year as part of a theater group – miss those theater days 😐

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