Will nature be on my side?

This kinda news scares you. And this kinda soothes you down. Hmm. Not much point pondering over the vagaries of nature. All it takes is a day’s outburst of nature’s fury to turn good to bad and bad to ugly, isn’t it? I shall leave that to nature – it’s her job to offer challenges and my job to live them, if I can. I ordered a book called Short Stories Of Himachal Pradesh on Flipkart yesterday – and they said they have dispatched it today. So I hope to get my copy before I leave. What is life but a short story!

Talking about stories, check out Guy’s post on how the mother-fucking heavy rainfalls in Himachal Pradesh screwed up his cycling plans. This dude was to bike from Shimla to Leh. He started from Shimla – got stranded for like three days somewhere in between and is now  back to Shimla. Such goes life! Sigh! Will nature be on my side? Time shall tell I guess. Or can you, haan?

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