Shitoon 136: C(HAT)++

Do !tell me that you did !get it. :P

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Considering the rest of your Shitoon’s this one sucked. I didn’t understand it in the first place, so please enlighten me !
But you have great chunks of humor up here that keeps me asking for more! You got a fan in me mate!

And man, I have no words for your blog. I came through Kaddu’s post and I fell in love with your blog. Your IIT days stuff moved me out, partly because, I do not have that much fun and also because it was painful enough!
You happen to be the only blogger to whose posts I have subscribed too, I know I wouldn’t regret my decision!

Cheers Mate!

Yes – this Shitoon shall make no sense to anyone who has no idea about the not operator used in C/C++. But the good thing is that not many of my Shitoons require such vague knowledge to get the joke. Thanks for the appreciation of the humour Pawan.

Thanks a lot for all the kind words. I don’t promise to keep up to your expectations and that’s simply because – shit happens! 🙂

yupp…I dint understand the funda behind this…but in general, if you are talking to someone in US and say ‘Good night’ or ‘Good morning’ the reply would be same irrespective of the time zone… not sure if I made sense 😛

Yes I drew it, but it was easy since I now use this cool graphic tablet (Wacom) – all I did was trace lines over a map! LOL – so don’t really deserve your compli. 🙂 but de hi diya hai to thank you 🙂

very well drawn!

a few months ago – your blog used to take infy hours to load. Now I don’t know if insti net is faster or if ur blog is – but it rocks!

🙂 The difference between C++ and real life is that in the former, you need logical operators to write codes while in the latter, you need codes to operate logically. :mrgreen:

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