The world never needed anything

When animals don’t need a job to raise a family, why do humans have to?

Imagine a tiger sitting quietly in a jungle – at peace with itself. Is the animal bored? How would you know? But look at those little cubs. And there, look at their mother – the tigress yawning so royally. Do you see a happy family where no one has any job to do? This is a family which needs nothing but food! When a tiger gets hungry, it gets up, it hunts – and it eats. And then it sits down again – quietly – at peace with itself. What a life! What peacefulness!

Human beings are so different from these peaceful animals – aren’t they? Most of us who have never ever faced shortage of food – don’t even consider ‘eating’ as a good enough reason to keep living. We – the human beings – think too much – we imagine too much. Imagination – this is exactly what has led to all the different human societies, isn’t it? Imagine a primordial wo/man who has just found fresh deer charred by a natural forest fire. So far in her/his life s/he has had only raw flesh but at this very moment s/he is too hungry and too tired to hunt. So s/he decides to taste the burnt meat – for the first time in her/his life. S/he tastes it. S/he pukes. S/he finds the taste disgusting – raw was so much better. But s/he realizes that she is too weak to skip the only lunch available. So s/he tries again. Finally, s/he is able to stuff herself with enough meat and by the end of it – s/he quite likes the new taste.

Things get back to normal in few days. S/he hunts as she always did and gets back to eating raw meat. But s/he is a human being. S/he cannot just eat when hungry and then rest peacefully till s/he gets hungry again. One fine day, after her lunch, as s/he is ambling around in the jungle, her/his idle mind goes back to that day when s/he had to eat the burnt food. S/he wonders when would s/he get a chance to eat that shit again – definitely not till a fire strikes! Sigh! But hey hold on – wouldn’t it be super cool if I were able to create fire by myself – s/he asks her/himself.  S/he would at least try.

S/he tried. S/he kept trying. S/he never succeeded. S/he died. But then, she was not the only human who thought so. There were others like her who could not rest in peace after having a good lunch. One of them did crack the funda of producing fire at will. The human civilization moved a step closer towards modern development. Later, many more discoveries / inventions took place – God, democracy, currency, electricity, bulbs, internet etc. Each discovery / invention was supposed to make our lives better. And yet, today, in the modern developed world, how much better our lives really are? Where exactly is this so called ‘development’ taking us towards? Because if you ask me, just like the primoridal wo/man, today’s wo/man is as restless and thinks and imagines as much after every lunch as he always used to.

Was it really necessary for us to shift to cooked food so that we had to keep burning wood to serve our improvised taste-buds? Did we really need a God so that each one of us could interpret Him differently and keep fighting with everyone else who interpreted Him in her/his own way? Did we really require the concept of currency so that most of our lives we kept doing a ‘job’ and worrying about our bank-balance? Did we need electricity, the bulb, the internet – anything? Isn’t each of these the mere result of our not being able to be happy and content and peaceful after we have had our food – raw? Shouldn’t we realize that we were born to be bored so that we could imagine – dream – do something new – create something new – and use up some more of earth’s resource, only to get bored again?

But look at you. Are you even doing that much? When was the last time that you imagined something new besides what you have been conditioned to imagine? When did you do something new besides what you have always been asked to? When did you dream last? It’s time you break free and do something that you feel like doing and not what the world thinks or needs – remember – the world never needed anything at the first place.

Happy Indepence Day to you.

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long winding but intriguing post!

i believe once you have enough activities, hobbies, interests and passions that you yourself truly ENJOY either with yourSELF or in the company of others, you stop being bored in life… you must have heard of the statement ‘ i think therefore i am!’ today, i feel i have sort of lived this statement looking back at my life up until now.. the ability to think and imagine is a gift for me and i am grateful to whoever/whatever blessed me with these gifts! certain things we do just for the freaking heck of it, cuz we enjoy them, that’s the beauty of life… and then shit happens … reason or no reason πŸ™‚

Happy Independence Day Amrit!

1. You always get bored once in a while. Let’s just accept it. πŸ™‚
2. Yes – shit happens. πŸ˜›
3. Swatantra Diwas ki shubhkaamnaayein aapko bhi! 😈

actually.evolution goes like this–single celled organisms->humans->quality circles. The last step cr8d problems….

so, u r actually sayin that u just want to eat nd sleep without using all the faculties god gave humans!!!! 😯 nd yet here u r, using a blog (thought process of someone) to tell us this….

“snÒ€ℒt each of these the mere result of our not being able to be happy and content and peaceful after we have had our food Γ’β‚¬β€œ raw?” and the last para are 2 contradictory ideas u put fwd..which one do u xactly believe in???

P.S. : the world never needed anything in the first place. not at…
sory! cudnt help…

“so, u r actually sayin that u just want to eat nd sleep without using all the faculties god gave humans!!!” – NO, that’s not what I am saying.

1. Unlike animals, it’s not enough for the humans to simply eat, sleep, reproduce and be content.
2. The aforementioned human nature has led to imaginations and dreams and thus to development.
3. Point number 2 proves that whatever human beings have developed, they have done on their own accord – the world never needed anything. Thus one can always question the need of any of these inventions / discoveries (note: I am only questioning the need – not coming up with any verdict)
4. Having said the above, I plead the present day humans, that if they are getting bored and restless from their boring lives (where they eat, sleep, reproduce and go to office) – that’s because this is how humans have always been – so instead of training themselves to be content with their current lifestyle – they should plunge into some interesting shit – something that drives them crazy – they should see new dreams – they need not do serious stuff like inventing the next Operating System ( unless that’s what they really want to do ) because vide point number 2 and 3, I have already proved that the world never needed anything anyway!

Be human. Be free.

Oh! No button for twitter! Can u add one? For sharing ur post on twitter? Leave a msg for me sumwhr (my blog/my mail) if and when u get to do this…

And now that u mention it… another funny thing is that animals never hoard stuff… not more than they need. Each day is a new day… each day brings a new hunt… the hibernating animals do store I suppose, but only as much as they really need for that time. And then they are back to hunting. I guess humans are the only species who feel insecure that the universe will not provide them. And I guess humans are the only ones who are so scared of death. Funny! :-/

This post actually reflects what I have been thinking for a while now – Are human beings a system developed to devour and demolish planets!!! By the universal time-scale where it will take a few centuries to reach the nearest star, the lifetime of a human is practically as small as that of a microbe or bacteria who eat-up and die and reproduce a milion more to do the same before dying.. aren’t we part of a perfectly self sustained system who had thwarted repeated attempts of the mother nature to destory us..

“Life goes on” – Also read as, no matter how hard you try we, the humans, will find a way to overcome it and will keep feeding on you until one day u die.

Except a few almost all our ideas and inevntions in someway, in long term or short term, slowly or quickly, end up harming the system a bit more..

I don’t know where we are heading!!! I want to know but I would prefer not to know if it’s rather heading in the direction I see it heading to, because in that case I am part of the devouring process…

if you get really really really busy ‘living’, you’ll barely find time to invent bahanas πŸ˜›

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