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I figured out a crack-ass way to spend my weekends in Bhubaneswar so that I didn’t have to feel bored and lost. Last month I picked up some dope from T.I.M.E and also enrolled in their test-series. Personally, I don’t see myself cracking CAT because I am too slow to figure out how many red balls does Akbar have when 78 balls of three different colours – red, blue and yellow are divided between Akbar, Birbal, Chudail and Dracula such that the number of yellow balls with any of them is always the average of total of remaining balls and Dracula has the least number of total balls and given that Chudail and Dracula are seeing each other and that Birbal cracks jokes about how ugly they look as a couple to Akbar who in turn laughs like nuts. But I have the dope anyway and so I do take few tests once in a while. So far it has proved to be a good time pass. Six years ago, I wasn’t prepared even for IIT and yet -  even after screwing the exam up, I landed up in IIT Madras – so I never know how ill-fate may work for me.

I feel that there is nothing too cool about being in an IIM except that once you are inside it, many think that you are really in some cool place and since many think that way, they make it easy for you to believe that you actually are in a cool place. But what is the inside story? Once inside, you are fighting every day to be above the rest. Every moment you are trying to score bullet points for your resume. You are awake all night and crashing in class-rooms. Sometimes you feel like fucking it all but then you realize that if you do that, it wouldn’t be so cool. You are inside a trap and you better wait for your chance to escape. Because you know that when you do get to escape – after two years – you would be valued by the world at large. You will get a good job and a fat pay cheque. That very feeling keeps you going on – through ups and downs – through the bouts of loneliness to the periods of elusive excitement. So well, the point is – its just a regular fucked up crazy life out there inside IIMs – nowhere as cool as IIT used to be simply because in IIT, you could still get to make real friends – chances of which fall down drastically later.

Ideally I should have spoken the above only if I had myself been through an IIM. So what you read above is nothing more than ‘my’ perception and this is precisely why ‘I’ hasitate to take that leap towards doing an MBA. I wonder then if it’s a good thing that I am slow at figuring out which ball of Akbar is red and which is blue.

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nice article mate! iim is definitely nowhere as cool as iit was, absolutely no comparison. and pretty much right on on the ‘everybody is tryin to escape the trap but can’t ‘fuck it all”
how’ve ya been, watcha been upto?

Hey Chidu. I have been in Bhubaneswar since some time now and whatever I am upto is up here on this blog 😀

So how has IIM been so far for you? 😛

i thought IITians suffered more from identity crisis than people from IIM. You have loads of idiots mentioning their location as IIT Bombay instead of Mumbai just to feed their own ego.

IIMs will make a man out of you…you whiny baccha…and who needs friends when you got money…so first get into an IIM…screw the happiness of others by doing RG…only then you will be fit to survive in this world….after graduating start an NGO or something…

1. I have always known my college as “IIT Madras” and not as IIT. I am sure the same applies to junta from IITB or from any other IIT for that matter. So, I am not sure what ego has to do with calling one’s college by its right name! But I guess from your comment that the outside world sees it like that. I can only say that it’s a wrong opinion.

2. I am already a man. I am already making money – I work for a company which is full of dudes from IIM. I already have friends (though hardly anyone here in Bhubaneswar – but then that’s life). I am pretty much fit and surviving. I already work for an NGO. And yet, I don’t mind whining once in a while. 🙂

What can I say. No matter how many balls Akbar had whether they were blue, yellow, maroon or transparent no one cares. Those who “CARE” are people who judge you not by what you are or do but by looking at your past credentials.

It sucks. If only I knew how many balls Akbar had I’d been Tansen, sadly I don’t and that’s why I am wasting my time here. Irony!

dude as long as u want to remain a dude, dont come to IIMs.. come on yaar u can either live or be in an IIM, not both….. I’d prefer you blogging rather thsn slogging 😎

u get your time pass by joining TIME.!! 😯
you can do a lot of stuff instead of passing(wasting/enjoying whatever u call it) time instead of choosing TIME..its kinda horrifying.

I think u have an inner desire of getting into IIM may be because u are confined between them at work place. may be u don’t know about it.

Why does everyone fucking student at IIT-M hate it? Where are we going wrong? Why the fuck do all of you 2007-2008-2009-2010 passouts are on the cooler side and whats wrong with us?

I guess reading this T.I.M.E Institute wud extend their signboards ‘ T.I.M.E P.A.S.S Institute’

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