Header: August 2009

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

Shot by Papa

10 replies on “Header: August 2009”

One of my favourite headers! Its the best as far as I can remember. The green pastels, the grass plus the pic was very well taken. You are looking smart 😛 😛
Kudos to uncle! 😀

Lest ‘uncle’ takes away too much of credit, let me clarify: he only ‘clicked’ – it was ‘me’ who found the location, set up the frame, set up the aperture, the shutter speed and the point from which the picture had to be taken. 😈

And to convince him that he should take my picture the way I wanted him, I had to take pictures of everyone else for him to see, what a great discovery this frame was, which he duly agreed to. 🙂

header is good….photo is good…but aap ye jo hairstyle banaye rehte ho…ekdum harami types looks.. ajeeb sa perception deta hai…
it doesnt look looks like u r jabardasti trying to look cool..
arre yaar desi ho to fir desi raho..DESI rocks…aapki coolness ko dikhane ki jaroorat thodi hai..wo to waise bhi pata lagjati hai

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