For the record, yesterday – 14th July 2009 – was my first job anniversary. Blah – an year has passed by! In less than two weeks I would turn 26. LOL – I am growing old. Ab kiya bhi kya sakta hai!

Am I all happy and satisfied doing what I have been doing since the last one year? Let me not give you a straight answer. Let me just tell you that I think my age is simply not the age to be satisfied. What is the solution then? Get a new job? Do an MBA and spend two years in a campus all over again? Get married and enjoy a new life?

I wish I could say I knew what exactly to do. There have been days when I was sure I would mug for CAT and try cracking it. Then there have been days when I was sure I wanted to stay in the same company till I became a Manager in say five years. The mind never settles and by default I have been where I am. Decisions taken because of a lonely environment and regular weekend-boredome might not be the best decisions. So I keep deferring.

Jyaada tension nahi lene ka! I am a nice guy so nice things shall keep happening on their own. Let me enjoy whatever comes my way. As of now, Megahalya is pretty much that’s coming my way and that’s good enough.

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