Ten things that annoy me

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The following are the ten things that come randomly to mind when I think of those that annoy me most:

  1. Morning walks of overweight people (because they are never going to lose any weight that way ever)
  2. Lack of work when in office
  3. Email forwards, forwarded to a billion people
  4. Religious preachings
  5. Life
  6. Weekends in Bhubaneswar
  7. My poor vocabulary
  8. TV (only when its turned on)
  9. Any Self Help Book
  10. Slow internet connection

Anyone is welcome to take up the tag. If you do, link back so that I know about it.

8 replies on “Ten things that annoy me”

to change your idea about TV being annoying I recomend watchinh rakhi sawant ka swayamvar it

Weekends in Bhubaneshwar is quite subtle 😉 😉
Thanks for taking up the tag!!

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