Shitoon 129: Harmonica Players

Me too. :P

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Vatsap, you could have made it a bit more explicit. Harmonica players basically two things – they blow and suck 😈
And, for some it is also a mouth _organ_


I agree. But there is one thing – blowing is done for many other instruments while sucking works only for few reed instruments. 🙂 Therefore I wanted to restrict my pun to this sucking aspect of this ‘organ’. 🙂

BLOW and SUCK are clean 4 letter words approved for use by the World Mouth Organ Players Federation 🙄 (BTW, WTF is WMOPF?) 😯

Well while there are innumerable puns on those words that I can think of, I’ll share my favourite one.

Connect the words:

Suck. Squeeze. Bang. Blow.

Connect 1: 4 stages of an IC Engine (this was the correct answer to a question somebody asked in my freshie quiz)

Connect 2: Things you can do with a frooti tetrapack. (Our team’s answer that won us more points on humour than the correct answer would have)

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