Shitooon 124: Plato

Do you have something to say? Then please go ahead, say something.

17 replies on “Shitooon 124: Plato”

🙂 nice! I wonder what inspired this one?
I had a discussion on socrates and his philo with my colleague yesterday and I see a shitoon on his apprentice, slisha creepy!!

:mrgreen: Creepy indeed. I will tell you what inspired this one. I read this quote yesterday shared by Leela on Greader. I liked the quote and this idea clicked almost immediately. Actually I didn’t bother to check who had said this. So Plato was never in picture. I was thinking about making a guy come up with this quote and the girl replying back with ‘did you say something’? But today morning when I sat to draw it, I went back to Greader to copy-paste the actual quote and then I saw it was Plato who had said this. So first I drew Plato. And then I thought – why not have a cat replying back. 😛

Nice! I loved the sketch of Plato! 😀 The cat replying back was funny. N I simply loved the expressions on Plato’s face. Cool! The shitoon levels are rising! ( So is the goddamn mercury! 😕 )

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