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The songs that play in front of me on V or MTv in the mornings when I am running on the tread mill depress me a lot. Most of them are love songs. Others show friends hanging out in the sun – happy, buoyant and jumping away to glory. They never show any song where a guy reads books, draws cartoons, runs, gyms and has as his clients – senior IAS officers. When they do show someone running, he is always running for a reason – to catch the rapacious goon, to reach his voluptuous girl friend, to become fit for some upcoming brutal battle and so on. Actually I can recall only Akshay Kumar who sprints now and then in some songs. The only song where they show people drawing cartoons is that cute song from Tare Zameen pe – but then that song is hardly played in the mornings. The songs that play in front of me on V or MTv in the morning when I am running on the tread mill depress me a lot.

Tomorrow I plan to do a 15k. It is not a very long distance in general, but for me,  I would be running so much in one go after more than an year. In fact, I have run 15K only once so far – when I ran with the Chennai Runners on the East Coast Rd in Chennai. Treadmill is going to be so much boring and less inspiring compared to the road-run. Road run in Bhubaneswar at this time of the year is still a no-no. Monsoons are yet to arrive. They might pop up any time. Everyone is waiting for them. Oh, by the way – there is a news: I am going to be here till December now! I don’t know how to react to it. So I won’t. Let me not fret over the depressing aspect of this news – it’s pointless. The brighter, shineir aspect is – upcoming July vacation is no more going to be the end of the ongoing one-vacation-every-two-moths lifestyle. Very very shiny I say. If only I can now soon learn to live comfortably away from friends, family and something known as a social life – I am going to like my life a lot. If not, I will keep running more and more till the feet bleed or till its time to pack up bags and leave for some nice destination. So far I haven’t yet decided where I want to fly to in July. The best place to go to in July is a hill station but since I just returned from Ladakh, I am sure I cannot like any hill station for quite some time now. It would be raining in the rest of India. Very tricky month for a vacation – will try to figure out some place soon. Any suggestions anyone?

PS: Update (14 June 2009) – Ran a rather slow 15k in the morning in 94 minutes and 24 seconds.

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ooh so much agony.. 🙁

Heard you caught up with vicks at cha bar some time back..Do you not hang out after work because u don’t find the avenues or the company or do u prefer reading books,drawing cartoons for recreation?

Drawing cartoons is good esp if u r bad at it..It’s the fastest way to lose a guy..I talk from experience.. 😛

As of rains…inteha ho gay intezaar ki !

All the best for your prolly dont walk that much even in a month.. :mrgreen:

Go to Goa!! Its the best place to be in the monsoons in India..very cheap and very beautiful..will remind you of a song they dont show on MTv or channel V anymore..TU hi re..

After a full fledged five year campus life – it’s slightly painful for me to live like this in a guest house the way I live. I don’t hang around because I don’t know whom to hang around with!

LOL over your cartoon experience – did you do that intentionally by any chance? 😛

As far as running goes, its very easy to keep running. What is difficult is to keep running for the right thing always. 🙂

well actually it was kinda funny..I was having issues with a friend.In my attempt to set things right I drew a sketch of him ..and the result was disastrously funny..I went into a laughter fit..Unf he thought it was my idea of a sad joke and said it wud have been better had I just told him to walk off…

Anyway I managed to calm him down with some stupid joke and an innocent face. :mrgreen:

n whats the issue with monsoon and rains.. go to Shillong…Nice place..Looks better when it pours.Wat abt Gangtok?

Those awww-I-am-so-sorry-if-I-hurt-you faces always manage to calm down guys however infuriated they might be. 🙂

Gangtok? I already been to Sikkim in March (I told ya I travel a bit too much :P). Do check out the Sikkim pics on Flickr if you haven’t already – you might like some of them. 🙂

Now let me decide between Shillong and Goa – its going to one of them without any doubt now.

LOL – see I told you – once you start investing in the stock market, you are always worried about them only – even when you are reading blogshit :mrgreen:

LOL – ye bhi koi poochne vaali baat hai – I thought I made it very clear HERE that I shall do it for everyone! Please go ahead and do the needful in that page and you shall find your caricature in your inbox whenever it gets done. As a rule, I always follow first come, first serve. There are about 15 requests in queue as of now.

Thanks so much for trying to help me Shilpa – appreciate that very much. But somehow I am not too sure how ‘cool’ an idea it is to visit Rajsthan in July. I don’t think the climate gets inviting there until September – does it? If you have ever been there in July then I would please request you to pass on some insights that would change my opinion.

I have seen your comic strips before, but did not realize you are in Orissa at the moment! Humm I can understand it can be a boring place for people from outside, with very limited options for fun.
And local ppl with their ‘main chup rahunga’ attitude as we call it amongst my friends here in BBSR when u ask someone for any information, for road directions etc specially in hindi, or english or even in odiya.

By hey at least u have a new reader in this ‘hot’ state 😉 and talking of holidays/vacations did anyone told you its local festival ‘raja’ and offered you the traditional cakes ‘pitha’ these 3 days?

Hey Debasish – yes I got to have some tasty pitha’s yesterday at a friends grandma’s place (the friend doesn’t stay in Bhubaneswar though). I am glad to have new readers here – thanks for being one of them.

I don’t know if ‘Main chup rahunga’ is the local attitude here but that definitely has been my inherent nature (not proud of it all). To be frank I like the peaceful way everyone lives and works here.

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