Tamboo was a good boy

Tamboo was a good boy. I don’t know why they killed him for such a petty offense. Was it even an offense? I don’t even know why Tamboo didn’t run away. I think Tamboo was crazy. It’s good that he is dead. We don’t need too many good people around.

Hailo – there is no one called Tamboo! I just thought it would be nice to start off this post with something random. I don’t know about Tamboo but I am crazy for sure. 😛

Bhubaneswar is growing upon me – sometimes I feel that I have lived in this small city all my life. Sometimes I even feel that my ancestors, forefathers, eightfathers and all kinds of other possible fathers – all of them always lived in Bhubaneswar. The only fact that easily dissolves this illusion every time it creeps into the head is the fact that I can’t speak Oriya. One needs to be a retard to be unable to speak Oriya if one has lived here all his life. But these days, I am very tempted – I want to learn speaking in the local dialect. Learning Oriya is not that difficult either. It’s not like Tamil or Telugu. I actually understand quite a bit of Oriya – much more than Tamil or Telugu. Asila, jathila, dakchi, jaaochi, aaochi, gote, koti, etc. etc – so many Oriya words waft around my existence everyday. That’s all I need – the language. That would turn me to an authentic Orissa-man. Bhubaneswar really is growing upon me.

This week was short-stories reading week. Roald Dahl. He was a tall Brit dude who died ten or twenty years ago but wrote enough entertaining stuff before he passed away. Pretty kickass writer. The awesome collection that I bought last weekend has many many stories – I have read only half of them and liked most of them. Most stories are full of black humor and Indu if you are reading this post, this explains the theme of some of the latest Shitoons. 😛 But Dahl’s style of humor is class apart. Most of his last moment twists simply give you an adorable high!

This week was also full of running and work-outs. If I continue, I would be in a pretty good shape by this month end. I don’t yet know what I am going to do with the good shape though. I wish I could ask Tamboo. Tamboo was a good boy.

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Namaskaar saar, kemiti achhanti?

Yay! way to go.Learn it; whether you use it or not later, it’ll sure be hell of a fun now.
For the record, not all the words mentioned above (in the post of course) make sense 😛

And also you are not a true “Oriya” unless you can eat “pakhala bhata” with relish.

Mu bhalo karoochi or something to that effect. 😛 July me I would be completing an year – se pashchaat dui masa atirict mu idhar hi live-antu – ette time me mu pakhala bhata relish karna arambh kari debi. phew… :mrgreen:

I am such a small kid – aise kaise kar loon shaadi! Had hai!
I agree with you though – I am losing it slowly. But I like losing it slowly. 🙂 Once I lose everything that I have, I would be free to imbibe all that I haven’t. 😎

No wonder..I was abt to ask if u have been reading too much of Dahl or Saki.
I love those men.. witty,dark,dry humor.

Which story of Dahl u liked the best?

And cmon picking up Oriya isn that hard either..the words are more liek hindi words..u just add an exta a to it while u speak..for ex..
gagan becomes gagana,pagal is pagala,chawal is chaula,
Dukan is dokan etc..

From amongst whatever I have read so far – The Last Act was best. Remember it?
And regarding Oriya, vohi to mai bol raha hoon – its easy to pick. I will try to. Mu prayaasa karunti. 😎

aita sahayata ru mu tume dhanyavada boluchi – lol no can speak Oriya worse than that! I am so hopeless! mu sampoorna rupe hopeless achi 😥

You remind me of my non-Oriya school friends. And for someone who has been there only a few months, you aren’t that bad. 😛
As Indu says, carry on the good work. If nothing else, you will spread much humour and laughter around you 😉

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