Missed train, insti and Chennai

Let me start from where I left in the last post. Caesar left and I missed my train. I will tell you how.

It was 11 in the night. All this while, I had been thinking that the departure-time was 11:30  – the real time was 10:45 PM! So wow – I had missed the train by 15 minutes. It took me another five minutes to get out of the shock. When I got out of the shock, I called up Caesar, running out of the station at the same time.

‘Dude, interesting news’.
‘What da’?
‘I think I have missed the train. The train has left. I had read the time wrongly’.
‘Will I get a bus now – its almost 11:15′?
‘Yeah da, you get them till 11:30′
‘Ok, I shall find one then. Good night’.
‘Good night’.

I couldn’t really find any bus near the station. Then an autovala came to my rescue, took me to a place more than 10 kilometers away and finally he got me into a bus which was just about to leave. It had just enough vacant seats to accommodate me – and to my good luck that happened to be a window seat in the front. 🙂


A little conversation with the security at the main-gate reminded me that I was an outsider now – a well established outsider.

‘Sorry sir, outsiders not allowed for going to CCD’.
‘Oh. In that case – 343 Brahms’.
‘But you said you want to go to CCD’.
‘That’s where the guy from 343 Brahms is – why should I go to his room if I have to meet him’?

The security-man gave up, noted down the room and hostel number and soon I was sipping coffee at the good old CCD.


Chennai was hot but the heat wasn’t furious enough (except yesterday). I had a lovely and ‘quality’ time with Prachi and Tiwari. If I saw a 3d animation movie with the girl, I also roamed inside Odyessey with the boy (and picked up this gen-pseud book on Graphic Design). The brain-storming with Amrut went fine – I hope I added some value to his business-plan and strategy. Insti appeared less depressing this time. Thanks to Sumant – Prachi’s photographer friend – I got a new charger for my cam (had lost the original in Ladakh). Thankfully, I didn’t miss train this time – so I sit right now in the Bang airport waiting from my flight to Bhubaneswar. I shall soon be back to a lonely island where all I can do is read and run and draw Shitoons. But then, this is life. 🙂

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I know the feeling when u have to sign as an outsider to the place which u called home for the last 4 odd years. Which movie did u see btw ? I can’t wait for Angels and Demons. 😎

Which movie kya pooch rahi hai – Angels and Demons hi lagi hai. Saw it in Satyam and found it good. Awesome graphics and a very cute bug in the movie. Theatre me bachche hi bachche they…

do the security ppl actually stop you at IIT gates? They must be getting good salaries at last to be actually doing their job.. So all in all a fab trip. Hows cyclone in Bhubaneshwar..hope things are ok.

They stop you only if you enter by a vehicle (including autos). They need to note down the vehicle number, the name of the driver and the destination.

There are no cyclones in Bhubaneswar. I am safe.

Yes, all in all a fantastic trip – all thanks to Caesar, Leela, Taploo, Prachi and Tiwari – they made my weekend! Love them all! 🙂

Aw..somebody had a nice trip.. and m glad u missed the train..the post would have been so boring otherwise.

well in ref to ur last post,getting married at 25,isn that bad after,washing,cleaning all work can be shared..and u might get to do some ooga booga..u know! :mrgreen:

LOL at all that ooga booga idea – hints can never be more subtle, can they? 😈 You suddenly make marriage sound like such a simple and sweet thing! 🙂 For some 25 might be a good enough age, for some even 21 – for me, I have to ‘feel’ that I am big enough and bored enough to get married. As far as ooga booga goes, its much more fun and adventurous when you are single. When you are married, it becomes so easy that most take everything for granted. Anyway, no debates here – I can’t debate – I have never been married 😛

abe…angels and demons nahi ..monsters vs aliens thi…heights hai tu….aur haan….yeh 21 waala reference popping up in your comments…too much i say….miss u dumbo…and yes…the bug was awesome…n i shall not tell ne1 u dint get the butterfly trip 😛

LOL vohi – Angels and demons ho, monsters and aliens ho ya vikram-vetal jyaada fark nahi hai 😛 😛
Ha ha, 21 vaala reference aise hi daal diya – tu dil pe mat le – tu araam se bade hone ke baad ghusna ‘alliance’ me 😈

On second thoughts I also won’t mind marrying if I fall in love and all that and really start liking some girl. 🙂 So don’t be all that sad! 😈

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