Shitoon 112: Weak in the knees

She was so sure. Bang Bang. He hit her hard. Bang Bang. Her knees went weak. Bang Bang.

13 replies on “Shitoon 112: Weak in the knees”

LOL – are you sure you got the joke ‘coz if you got it you would have realized that irrespective who the guy is -.i mean he is an ugly guy who could be anyone: brother, boy-friend, dad, neighbour – anyone. That’s not the point – the point is – irrespective who the guy is, HE can make her go weak in knees too! :mrgreen:

The humour completely escaped me as well..until I read your explanation! Phew!! Btw do you sometimes in a benign mood comment on other ppl’s blogs as well? no, its just a thought!

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