Elections 2009

I am loving the results. Bhaji-kha has been fucked, well almost. Kalu has been fucked harder in Bihar. I kinda like Kalu  because in spite of all the corruption that his government indulged in (when he was in power for many many years), he never played Hindu-Muslim politics at least. But I have never really liked Bhaji-kha. I don’t like anyone who uses non-secular agendas to come to power (even when that hardly works in this country). I think Indians are growing up finally. I wish Godi could have been fucked in Gujarat. At least some are blaming his projection as future PM by Bajhi-kha as a reason why Bhaji-kha got raped this badly – that’s bad enough for Godi. But he still did good in Gujarat. The day Godi is fucked in Gujarat, I would believe that Indians have truly grown up. In spite of all the evils, the good thing about Godi is that he is already moving away from communal politics – at least focusing sincerely on the developmental works – so Gujarat as a state is doing good under him. I wish he could have done the same without butchering the Muslims. I would have loved Godi if he had been like that.

All those vague ad campaigns promoted by Bhaji-kha showing Fart-vaani as the lauh-purush (steel man) of India were disgusting because all he kept saying all the time was that Sing was weak and he was super-man. What makes him a steel man? What a vague disgusting propaganda Bhaji-kha thouht of! I am so happy none of that worked. Ask Fart-vaani who is weak now. I think he will commit suicide soon. I think he will soon run away and hide somewhere in the Himalays before Bhaji-kha throws him out.

In Orissa, Haan-win is so happy that he shoved away Bhaji-Kha at the right time. How many seats did Bhaji-kha get in Orissa? 1, 2? Something that low. I feel so good. I don’t know much about Haan-win but at least, like Kalu, he also refrains from playing communal fundays to get votes. I am loving the results.

Sing will soon be the PM again. Without the Left. Without even Bummer Sing or Ayawati. And without the fourth front – it should be renamed the fucked front (and fucked back) if you ask me. I love the Indian voters. I am happy today.

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Exactly! Very true… loved it. Kudos to you, my Indian voter! finally you got it right. πŸ˜†

hmmm.. I always believed in Congress despite its dynasty thingy.. I could relate with your writing style πŸ˜‰ fake ICL player.. BTW some independent candidate won from ladakh

aaha..vicks is already here..hello dude..!!

hmm..thumping majority..m not a congress supporter neither a bjp person,not even a leftist..I only want a stable government at the center.I just hope congress gets the majority of seats so that they don’t have to look for the support of the regional parties..they do more damage to the national fabric.

Looking forward to a day when politics can move beyond the secular issue..on who’s secular,who’s non secular and who’s a lil more secular. too much fuss about it anyway?There are bigger issues to deal with.

But m glad i had voted.. at least m responsible for the govt i chose.

I think the way congress have come this time…we would get to see good things for the next five years. reason: clear win.

All I want to see is Chidambaram without any post.

LOL – you actually followed up with Ladakh!

And and as far as the writing style goes, go read Poda Fuckbar – you will see that I use this style some times (and had used this even before the fake IPL happened).

I doubt that. I seriously doubt that and it’s a bad bad thing to give cabinet ministry to someone who loses election – the very idea is so anti-democratic. But unless it becomes illegal by law, this would keep happening. Manmohan Singh has been a PM from Rajya Sabha!

I totally agree with Neelabh! Your writing reminded me of the fake IPL Player blog. N yes!!! I am thrilled with the results! Congress \m/.
Naiice names…Fart-waani is the beshhtt!:P

I’s ridiculous to think Manmohan singh as a weak PM.Just because somebody is modest and soft spoken,it doesn’t make them any weaker.He has taken some of the hard decisions.It was a wise move by Sonia to take charge of the party and let Manmohan rule the nation.The party needed discipline esp with the likes or Pranab Mukherjee n others vying for the top posts.So a morally upright and learned person was in the best interest of the country.As for Sonia she was a green horn in politics last time but has transformed to a seasoned politician

I totally agree with almost everything that you said. And now after the elections, even Fart-waani will agree to it. πŸ™‚

whatever topics I chose, bahar ek hi cheez aati hai – phres …………….. 😈
yahi apni aukat hai dost! tsk. tsk. poor me!

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