Shitoon 109: Misnomers

Why can't you learn to write proper English you assholes. Stop misleading us innocent people who are out there to have some fun.

PS: Credit for this one goes entirely to Nita for letting me know about this beautiful name of a shop that she discovered in Pune.

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Hahaha…there are two as I discovered. The pic that got published was of a shop in Thane. I just checked the newspaper! So now there are two! ROTFL!

Reminds me of a shop at Taramani road, Chennai named “Jesus auto parts”. the letter ‘p’ in “parts”, due to its paint coming off, looks like letter ‘f’…. which makes the shop’s name, quite blasphemous .. 😉


we used to have a tailoring shop near r coll and the writing on the board went something like this..
“We do shooting, sharting of paints and sharts..”

this shitoon is really nice..
1. its ANUS travels
2. its adventure tourism offered ba ANUS travels..lolz
3. it offers SAFE and SMOOTH rides… n smooth rides offered by ANUS adventure tourism …
sone pe suhaaga..
lol maxxx

Excellent one! I can bet we’ve seen hundreds like this, my friend from college has a whole collection of photographs he clicked of funny shop signs. A recent thing I saw on Encyclopedia Dramatica:

(Hilarious if you know the reference!)

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