Internship anyone?

No, I am not offering any internship but good friend Namita is. That too at IISc. That too with stipend. That too, she is biassed towards IITians. So read on.

There is this nice concept of Knowledge Economy (KE). It basically refers to an economic system that is run mostly by brains (mental work) and not by manual labour. Now such kinda economy is rather cool, ain’t it? But KE is possible for a country, like say India, only when most of the population is involved in serious resarch and that’s a big big task. A Knowledge Commission report talks about various things that can be done to help turn India into a KE.

Namita and some of her friends got inspired and decided to launch a  Research Portal (RP) and none other than IISc Bangalore liked their idea and agreed to help them in this step by providing infrastructure, faculty support and all that.

This RP is supposed to become an effective and efficient tool to quickly tackle some  of  the  problems  facing  the  Indian  research  community.  The Portal will essentially have three important characteristics:

  1. Information Resource
  2. Connect
  3. Exchange

The intern’s role will be along one or more of the following lines:

  1. Conduct primary research with a sample of all users available at IISc
  2. Translate the user requirements into technical specifications
  3. Do a high level design of the portal
  4. Implementation (coding) of the portal

Skill sets required: Coding skills and knowledge of algorithms. From what Namita told me, she is going to love you if you are from IIT. 🙂

Stipend: Will be provided with possible accommodation at IISc Bangalore.

One or possibly two students will be taken for this internship.

Last date for applying for this internship: 5th May, 2009.

All right dudes and dudettes, if you are charged up and all that, don’t waste much time and shoot off your resume to namita dot dalmia at gmail dot com. She has made it very clear that the position will be filled as soon as any applying student meets the requirements of the organization.


PS: you can also mail it to vikas dot bagri at gmail dot com

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Ya right!!
In a country where 2/3 of the population survives (or not able to in most of the cases) on agriculture or daily wages….
This exactly is the next thing to focus on….. Great going indeed!!

m intersted in working at iisc to learn more abt my course related topic as i m pursuing my from ece.

I am working as software engineer in Bangalore and also pursuing my M.S. from Bits,Pilani which is a Work Integrated program.I am highly interested in doing internship program at IISc and my Area of Research Interest is “Principles of Programming and Compilers”.Please suggest me how I can pursue the opportunity for getting the internship at IISc,as I believe that i am capable enough to accept any type of research challenge that will be provided.


hello.i’m shradha kapoor,3rd year engineering student,Information science of engineering, i am looking forward for the internship in IISc during july-aug,2012.could you please suggest me how can I pursue the opportunity for getting this internship at IISc.

hey!! i am pusuing btech 2nd yr. i am very keen to do an internship in IISC banglore. could you please guide me…

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