Conversations with Barber

I went to a salon yesterday. I had real short hair before I left for the salon. I wanted it to be made shorter. I confused the barber and he could never really figure out how short exactly did I want my hair to be. I didn’t know myself.

‘So you want medium size’?

‘It’s already medium. It’s rather less than medium. I want it shorter’.

‘So you want short hair. So should I use the machine’?

‘No. No machine. I don’t want my hair that short. No razor also. Use only scissors’.

‘So you don’t want machine? So you want medium’?

‘Yes. I want it shorter’.

After few hours of such friendly conversation, he started off and somehow, carrying our friendly conversations forward, he managed to bring the hair down to a fairly trimmed appearance. I was satisfied with the final look. Then he asked – ‘aur sir, phacial vacial’?

‘I am already so fair looking. What do I need a facial for’?

‘Ah of course, that is there. God has given you a fair skin’.

LOL! At first I thought that he got my joke at my dark skin colour and decided to give a smart reply. But I soon realized that I was indeed fairer than him! Suddenly I wanted to laugh out loud on the fact that he actually thought that I thought that I had a fair skin which I had never thought until he made me think about things from his point of view. Phew!

I also want to let you fellas know that yayy, I wrapped up Catch 22. Finally! A Financial Times blurb on the back of the book sums up my feelings for the book most adequately:

Blessedly, monstrously, bloatedly, cynically funnily, and fantastically unique. No one has ever written a book like this.

The next book is Dev Anand’s autobiography (his romances with life). And thus, continues life!

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Nice string of words used there on the blurb. Now, I am definitely giving it a shot again!

Now you understand what it is like for women in the salons 😛 😆

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