A (really) long day in April

I switched on the AC tonight finally after all the fuss about the guiding principle of life and all that. I think it’s mad to not put it on when the AC is right there installed in your room, you don’t have to worry about paying the elec-bills and the temperature is touching 200 degrees. Stuck in Bhubaneswar without a single friend around I am getting mad already, more by the day. I decided therefore to not augment the agony. I switched on the AC.

Today was a long day. I ran 7.7 kms in 45 minutes and then gave up. I wanted to do 10K in an hour but I gave up in 45 minutes. That’s how the day began and then I made a boring Shitoon which made everyone yawn. Later, I tried to make pending caricatures but I was not in the mood. So I couldn’t make any. Now I think I will make them only once I have got my WACOM. I will get it when I reach Delhi this Friday. The funny thing is that Gaya‘s dad already got one few days back and his WACOM is with Gaya’s sister who doesn’t make Shitoons. A funnier thing happened yesterday.

It was about 5:20 in the morning. I was done eating my pair of boiled eggs and was trying to wash down the after-taste with some super strong black-coffee when I decided to put on the projector and shoot some self-portraits under the projector light with my DSLR. The projector was in the hall, not in my room. Let me tell you that I walk around almost naked in the flat in the mornings because I know no one else would show up – at least not before six. This guest house consists of two flats. I live in one of them. Both flats have  three rooms and a kitchen each but only one of the kitchens is active – the one in my flat. The other flat is mostly empty but it has the gym equipments and the washing machine. The staff (all of them cook, some wash clothes and buy groceries – they are three of them) keep roaming around in  these two flats, mostly restricting themselves to the (active) kitchen. In the night, they leave to crash off in some place that I am yet to figure out. They come back by 7:30 every morning. Sometimes I have seen one or two drop by even as early as six. But six has been the earliest. So when I was sipping coffee at 5:20 in the morning yesterday, I was roaming around bare chested, setting up my tripod and the camera atop it. The projector was on, connected to TV that was also on but put on mute. I took some self-portraits under the projector-lilghts. Then I changed channels to see what light looked best on me through the eyes of the camera. I realized nothing was looking good on my bare chest. I decided thus to put my t-shirt on and take some more self-portraits. Then I was changing channels again. It was 5:30 and suddenly I heard the main door of the flat open with a creak and in a swoosh appeared one of the staff-members. A guy was fondly kissing a girl on the wall and there was a tripod with a camera over it facing the couple. I was sitting on the couch with a remote and I jumped. The staff felt as embarrassed as I did. He rushed to the kitchen as quickly as he could.

So yeah well, shit happens. I am glad the staff didn’t turn up when I was roaming around almost-naked or else he would have gone crazy.

There were no boiled eggs today morning and when I got my turmeric-milk after exercise (I drink that crap daily), it was all sour. That really depressed me. Today was the first time that there were no eggs and today was the first time that the milk had gone sour. I guess the eggs got over yesterday and it has become too hot for milk to remain good. I am sure it had nothing to do with what one of those staff-members saw me doing yesterday morning. Oh here is the pic by the way, which I finally liked enough to be put up on Flickr.

Hi Pieter by you.

OOooh.. got a good news just now – Ankit called up from Delhi to break a good news to his only bro – he finally has a job. Nice I say. He shall leave Delhi for Goa (where his college is) on 30th and I shall leave Bhubaneswar for Delhi on 1st of May. It’s rather funny that we are missing each other by such a narrow gap. I don’t remember seeing him since May last year when were in Andamans making fun of everything in Port Blair.

I had thought I could wrap up Catch 22 on Thursday itself. I am not yet done with it. The book’s size is deceptive. It makes you think you can wrap it up in no time and then when you are busy wrapping it up in no time, you suddenly get lost reading it. You get lost making your way through the black words and letters floating all across the yellow pages until you realize that several days have already passed and you haven’t yet wrapped up reading the book.  I have read more than 400 pages though and hope to wrap it up before I leave for Delhi. And whatta solid book this is – too solid I say. Tiwari was so true when he had said I was going to like it. More on the book when I am done reading it fully.

Delhi reminds me of Neelabh and there’s a good news on that front too. The dude got himself a DSLR too – Nikon D60. That’s nice. We are gonna shoot pics like nuts all alone in Ladakh. I was watching a Dil Se song one of these mornings while running on the treadmill when I realized that SRK and Manisha were jumping nowhere else but in Ladakh. I even spotted the Pangong lake.

Delhi also reminds of this new song from an upcoming movie (called 99) that I heard today. KK keeps shouting my name in the song. Listen to it. The world loves me, doesn’t it? The world might be crazy and full of gingers but it loves me nevertheless and sings me songs. I am one helluva lucky bastard. Though I wish Cyrus weren’t as bulky as he is.

Prasun sent me a new tune few hours ago that he has recorded in his all new Roland arranger. Prasun and myself had teamed up centuries ago to create music under the gay name of Melodiacs. We still have an account on Soundclick (please do NOT try to listen to any of the crap uloaded there). We have few very rough drafts with us so far but nothing very concrete yet. Just when I thought that Prasun had lost all enthusiasm and taste for music, I got an email from him that had his latest composition attached. He lives in Mumbai these days. If I were in Mumbai we could have created music faster. We shall create some very good music soon anway. Ok then, tata for now.

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