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Short (personal) history of running

If you are a guy, you need to be a sissy to feel good about beating girls in running. I am not being sexist or anything. Girls are as good as boys, even better, in most of the things but the bodies are different and so are the physical capacities. So if you are a guy, you need to be a sissy to feel good about beating girls in running. I beat a girl in running today and I feel so good about it.

Though I talk a lot about running and stuff and I run a lot, the fact is that I am a rather slow runner. In short, when it comes to running, I suck. I can run for like one and a half hour even, but I cannot run that much if you ask me to run like a real runner. I never wanted to be a real (read: fast) runner in the first place. I never wanted to be a runner at all in the zeroeth place. It just happened. Reasons are vague. In my final year in IIT, I started believing that I had strong arms. I thought that I had strong arms so I should participate in weight-lifting and therefore I started running regularly. When friends asked why was I running suddenly all over the campus, I would tilt the head at the right angle and in a Sylvester-Stallonish style, answer them – ‘stamina da. A sportsman needs stamina’. It really didn’t matter then that I was not a sportsman to begin with. I never played anything in hostel except showing up bare-chested a couple of times in the baski-court and I had never tired weight-lifting before that. So I kept running and kept saying everyone that it was for stamina and every sportsman needed good stamina. Obviously I couldn’t ever lift weight or my arms never became stronger because of running. I did gain some stamina but because I was not yet a sportsman and I didn’t have a girl friend to have sex with then, I didn’t know how to use this stamina that I suddenly had. So I ran more, day after day. After few months, I really had no clue why I was still running and then a road race happened in IIT. I participated. Of course I sucked again. I think I got some 300th place or something. 100 guys must have run in that race. I never really stopped running after that.

Today morning I ran 4.47 kilometers in 25 minutes on the treadmill so that I could beat Push who told me she could do 4.4 K in the same time. It was a good feeling. If you are a guy, you need to be a sissy to feel good about beating girls in running.

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