Shitoon 106: Consultants

Are you sure you want to have the actual report sir?

5 replies on “Shitoon 106: Consultants”

Trip value is good. Slaa long for a shitoon. constructive criticism. 🙂

And, you look like an infected human being from I AM LEGEND. 🙂

Pump the chest more before you carve out the abs. I am sure you are in the process of doing so though. All the best.

I am finally back on the net, with all connectivity blah blah set up. Should visit your blog more often now, and stay in touch with everyone. 🙂


@Constructive and destructive criticisms are equally welcome! 🙂 Happy net surfing to ya!

@Camera: I have no intentions of fulfilling this wish yours. But yeah, the comment was very well put! 😛

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