Body and Books

Today morning was pathetic. After only 15 minutes of running on the treadmill at 10 Km/hr, I gave up, slowed down to something like 3km/hr and then walked at that speed till a total of 5k was covered. I felt weak after it was all over – felt like lying flat on the floor.

Such things happen when one stops being regular. For the last four days, I had not been running / exercising. Even before that, after posting this nude picture of mine, I had ran only twice and had hardly gymmed . The last few weeks have been depressing (as in lonely lonely). The short trip to home did bring up the energy but not significantly enough.

If I don’t get up at 5, I usually get up at around 8. That’s one reason why I usually miss upon running whenever I don’t get up at 5. This is funny – I agree – because even if I decide to get up by 7, I’ll have enough time to exercise. I  really don’t know then that why the fuck I have been following this binary mode of either 5 or 8! Whenever I get up at 8, I feel very guilty – all because of the boiled eggs.

The cooks had long been instructed to boil two eggs every night so that I could have them early in the morning before  exercising and all that. They have been following the instruction religiously. So you see, every time I get up at 8, I feel bad for them because I realize that they who are back to kitchen by 7:30 AM have to find the boiled eggs still floating in the pan. It’s akin to asking an artist to paint your portrait which he does, only to find one good day  that the portrait is lying in your dustbin, after having been used by you to clean up your jerk-off-shag. Such a thought makes me feel very guilty when I get up at 8. Once in a while, I get up just before 7:30, dash into the kitchen, quickly peel off the eggs and finish them off before crashing again for another half an hour. That’s just once in a while though. Most of the times, if I don’t get up at 5, I usually get up at around 8.

Coming back to today morning – so I was feeling weak and all that after a mere 15 minutes of running. I decided to gym anyway and completed all the sets to my delight.

If you notice, I don’t work on the legs at all. I have been ignoring them since March (ever since I stopped going to that orange coloured gym) on the assumption that I don’t need to work on legs in addition to all the running  that I do. But now, after these past few weeks, I think that ignoring strength-training of legs is not a very logical thing to do. I am not sure how much strength does running alone add to legs. I guess I will join the gym again (once I return from Ladakh) where there are more equipments than I have in my guest-house so that I don’t have to neglect the legs so totally.

LOL – I think I am just as worried about my strength as a girl is worried about the colour her lip-stick. 😛 Oh, by the way, I finished reading Red Sun. If you don’t know much about naxalism and all that, please do read this book because it is going to kind of scare you off with its insights. I enjoyed the book. But then, let me addd – after 200 pages, content got slightly redundant – as in I had already been told whatever I needed to be told by the writer by then. Besides that, I feel that Sudeep – the writer – could have made the entire book sound like a story (than a travelogue) with a proper build-up leading to an intense conclusion in a chronological order. He used a very non-chronological style which was not confusing but not too effective at the same time. In any case, given the kind of stuff he has presented, the writing style can be ignored to an extent.

So now I am back to Catch-22 and finally getting the feel of the book. The humor is now clicking and I end up smiling or chuckling once in a while as I make my way through the classic.

Before I end, here’s a very cheezy dialogue from Catch 22 which will leave you smiling and might give you the essence of the book (in case you haven’t read it so far):

“I don’t want to fly milk runs. I don’t want to be in the war anymore.”

“Would you like to see our country lose?” Major Major asked.

“We won’t lose. We’ve got more men, more moeny and more material. There are te million men in unifrom who could replace me. Some people are getting killed and a lot more are making money and having fun. Let somebody else get killed.”

“But suppose everybody on our side felt that way.”

“Then I’d certainly be a damn fool to feel any other way. Wouldn’t I?”

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It is only today that ur blog loaded completely on my comp. I never quite understood, why the text used to appear on the extreme right of the window and the rest covered by blank brown space.
Im becoming obsessive about exercise these days to the point of insanity!
Red sun…didnt find the book on the bookshelves here. Im currently reading Bill Bryson, “A Short History of Nearly Everything”. Science for laymen, best described! :mrgreen:

Exercise kar per sanity vanity to mat lose kar bhaai! Take it easy sweetie! :mrgreen:

In my fifth year, a friend called Neha came to pay me a visit in IIT – I too her to Odyessey and made her buy that book. Later she cursed me for making her buy and read something so boring. Now I have someone who can be on my side by letting the world know it is not a boring book (I haven’t read it though). It’s not boring, is it?

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