Heat, Wacom and Disaster

What do you do when you don’t much have to write about? Well, you don’t write. What do you do when you start feeling oh-not-so-good because you haven’t written anything in quite some time (poems on donkeys resting on snow certainly don’t count)? You sit down one fine morning and decide to write – anything shall do, or so you hope.


To begin with, Bhubaneswar – the capital of Kalinga, has started heating up – and heating up like hell. Oh, by the way that’s my new obsession if you didn’t know about it already – referring to Orissa as Kalinga – makes me feel like a historian (though I wonder how cool it really is to feel like one). The elevated temperature of the town is a cause of utmost concern to me because of two stupid reasons – 1. I run and 2. I don’t use AC for personal purpose. Running is getting harder by the day. Yesterday I started at about 5:30 in the morning and by 6, the sun and it’s energy were already killing me. Mornings were so much better in Chennai where that solar ball used to take its own sweet time to rise above before it could burn my moving body. Ah – one more reason why I am craving to return (the other and more important reason of course being the utter lack of a social life in Bhuv which indeed gets rather depressing on certain evenings).


Let me now shift from the problems of mercury and the bitterness of loneliness created by the disappointing absence of friendly acquaintances, to the new found desire of acquiring a certain cool gadget that goes by the wacky name of Wacom Intuos 3. A good reading of reviews and keen considerations of user-opinions on this Graphic Tablet motivates me to acquire the 6″X8″ size as soon as I can. Certain things have been made for me – this is one of them. It’s just that after having spent a fortune on a DSLR, I am not left with enough currency to own this piece of interesting shit any time soon. I shall certainly count my savings once I am back from Ladakh and if mathematics works out on a positive note, Shitoon shall get serious. It would be appropriate to remind you at this point that my experiment with the I-ball gadget last year was a disaster – that stuff still lies unused in some dark corner of my room and is utterly useless.


Talking about disaster, I cannot help but be reminded of the news that I received yesterday from a very close friend. She used the very same word to describe her latest hair-cut and I am more than desperate to see how the V. Beckham look suits her head. This post should serve as a reminder to her that she is yet to mail me a snapshot highlighting the latest in the series of her rather bold experiments with that lovely lock of hers.

As this post approaches its end, I am wondering if I should have abstained from writing for some more time. I guess it’s too late to think about it now because I am certainly not going to not publish this piece in spite of the fruit-empty-ness of its dry content. I am leaving for home today evening and shall be more or less away from the chirping and twittering of the online forces. Happy surviving the summer everyone.

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