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Next weekend I shall be at home and later next month on the morning of 2nd of May, I shall be in Leh. I always knew I had to get back to Ladakh (FYI: Leh is the district capital of Ladakh region while Ladakh region falls in J&K state). It is going to be an awesome 10 days trip on bike. As of now Neelabh is coming along for sure. Some other close friends are trying their best to ensure timely leave and all that. If they are able to make it, I shall be more than happy. By any chance, if you – dear reader – have time and money (about 20k to spare coz Delhi-Leh return flight ticket itself will cost you 12k), then you are welcome to join me in the trip.


India After Gandhi (IAG) is a thick 800 pages book – 100 more pages to go – should get done with it today mostly. I have said this earlier and I shall repeat – IAG is a MUST read – fucking awesome – one of the most interesting non-fiction. By the way, I already have my next book ready – The Jeeves Omnibus 1 by Wodehouse. Usually by the time kids are half my age they are already done reading Jeeves or so I always thought. This was one reason why I was ever-reluctant to give Wodehouse a shot. I guess after one of those let’s-talk-about-books-and-bore-each-other-chat with Gaya where she convinced me that even a 100 year old guy would love to read Wodehouse, I decided I would read it someday. So when I was there at Oxford last weekend I picked up the book. That’s about it.


Yesterday night I was getting bored so I shaved off hair from my chest and tummy once again. Like the last time, I took self-portraits. Unlike the last time, I uploaded one on Flickr – I liked the way the tube-light was falling on my naked black-n-white body. And then someone made me realize that my six-pack was hardly noticeable.

Today morning, I got up, did push-ups, applied Saffola all over my body (because I could not find mustard oil) till the six-packs started shining like steel, took fresh pictures and then digitally modified a selected pic to blurr away everything but the six-pack! Sometimes I act stupid. 😛

10 replies on “Travel, Books and Nangaapa”

Gaya is right!
Jeeves is awesome.
Good luck with the six pack. Lets see who gets it faster 😛 . I have been trying for a couple of months now!

Then I must thank Gaya.

And dude – I am already a winner because I have had a six pack since last year!! Hope your body soon gets one as well. All the best. 🙂

“Sometimes I act stupid.”
Really? Only sometimes?

Yaay!! Nangappa. Is. Back.
Thanks man. You’ve given me enough food for thought for a whole week now.

Okay, this one I borrowed from elsewhere and paraphrasing, but your blog is so fuckin’ good, I always read it one handed.

Dude, I’ve always had a huge thing for you. I’m just realising it more and more these days… 😛

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