The kind of girl I may marry

I really don’t care about a person’s caste. Most of us – you and me, young people who use internet to read and write blogs don’t care about a person’s caste. We are fans of hindu marrying muslims like Shahrukh Khans or muslim marrying hindus like Hrithik Roshans. But when it comes to ourselves, we so easily give in to our dogmatic parents and their caste-gripped wishes. I so wish that this caste system goes away – and in my time. I don’t know about others but I am going to do something about it in my own way. I have decided today that if and when I marry a girl, she won’t be from my caste. It’s as simple as that. Any non-brahmin would do or better still – a muslim.

I already know I will have a tough time explaining this decision to my parents. If they don’t agree, I will probably never get married, that’s fine – I anyway don’t plan to get married because I don’t see why would anyone marry me when I don’t plan to give birth to a child! Yeah, you read it correct and I say so not because I am impotent but because I find it illogical to reproduce when there motherless babies struggling to survive everywhere. At the same time, every time I think of adopting kids, I realize that I do need a partner who can raise them. So may be, if I find someone like that – a good looking girl who is fit and who runs and who doesn’t want to reproduce and who is as crazy for an inter-caste marriage as I am, I might marry. Anyone would marry such a girl – won’t he? πŸ™‚

I think the age has come when we should promote inter-caste marriages, marriages between hindus and muslims, south Indians and north Indians, and all sorts of different people. Imagine the variety of minds that would breed then (assuming others shall indeed give birth to children, unlike me :P) , the kind of mix the new generation will have! And imagine how difficult it would become for our politicians to communalize the society, to instigate riots. Of course people like Raj Thackery would pick up other ways to divide people – if not on caste, then on state (as he has been doing since quite some time) and if not on state then on something else. Thus, I don’t think that even the complete abolition of the caste system is really going to help citizens from being divided. It however would definitely take us one step forward  towards being a stronger and a united nation – one India.

Jai Hind.

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See da, I’m willing to undergo a change of caste and sex. Will you marry me?
And i’ll start running once we get married.
I’m already a south indian.
Please please… marry me.

Coming to more serious issues, your idea is good and idealistic and I hope your wish is granted.This choice is highly personal and hope u find the girl/guy of your choice!:P
Btw, can I be your wedding photographer? Please…give me a chance πŸ˜›

I also said “a good looking girl” you hairy bitch. :mrgreen: We all know how you look like when you are dressed up like a woman – can we ever forget your size infinity boobs in second year? LOL!

And start running anyway – good for everyone! πŸ™‚

Ok – for al your HAHA, there’s actually a factual error from your side – I understand that you are totally crazy for all Nirmals but the N who wants to marry me (and many others like me πŸ˜› ) is not Nirmal. I know it because for my sake, he leaves his email id. So, yeah, that’s about it.

And you are welcome to be my wedding photographer, videographer or even biographer, if you please! πŸ™‚

Macha!!! I’ll even wax my a**ole for you. Please please.
I shall be your slave, forever and ever.
I love you soooo much. Please marry me.

And i don’t want to run and lose my tummy.
I know how much you secretly love plump women. πŸ˜€

Best of Luck with your amazingly unrealistic wishes. Just blabbering doesn’t solve a problem. I was beginning to like your blog and then you have come and put up this wtf! post. I just unsubscribed from your blog. Thank You for the real posts.

😐 hi amrit i dont know how these type of ideas come in ur head……….really amazed dear………i think u need to think once more and then decide…..

hmmm..a noble Idea but require a bit thought as if inter-caste marriages are supported who will marry the ugly guys like me ??? who? who? who?. 😐 ….Thanks to “Intra-caste” Marriage constraints I hope a good looking might be forced because of limited choice and end up with me….. πŸ˜›

In second year I thought similarly – that girls don’t fall for ugly guys. After four years – opinions have changed! They shall change for you too dude! πŸ™‚

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