Running and Reading

It feels sweet to have run so much that the sturdy Reebok shoes purchased in May last year have  finally worn out. The sole of the right shoe is dying to get free from rest of the body. I picked up new shoes today – feet are happy and running shall be delightful.

Impossible is Nothing

It also feels sweet when you finish reading thick books (remember Nehru?). Any book which has more than 500 pages is thick for me. ‘Brisingr’ was one of them – I am done with it finally. – phew!  While reading ‘Brisingr’, I also picked up The White Tiger one fine day in Kolkata and wrapped it up in one go, on my way to Bhubaneswar. I found it to be an average book. ‘Between the Assassinations’ by Adiga had cuter stories. Anyway, that apart, since my stock of unread books got over with Brisingr today, I picked up two new books.


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To kill a mocking bird is simply superb. One can read it countless times and not get bored! Awesome one..simply brilliant! 😀

Hey! I also bought the exact same adidas shoes 4 months back!
Initially for a week or two thode hard the, but they are awesome now. Nice choice (more so as it matches with mine 😛 )

to kill a mockingbird is one of the best books i have read till date….
wish u happy reading….u surely will enjoy it..

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