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North Sikkim

Roads to heaven

It was as magical as it could get – especially with no one else around but us and the mountains and the trees and of course, the snow. Not many people get to see that fluffy white thing you see – at least here in India. So I am blissfully happy that I not only got to see snow, touch it, shove some of it up my arse, but that I also got a chance to walk – and walk fourteen fucking kilometers over snow-covered roads built on snow-covered mountains of North Sikkim in an insanely delightful mild snow-fallish chilly evening. It was as snowie as it could get. It was as magical as it could get.

Click here to see pictures uploaded on Flickr (shall add some more).

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Absolutely amazing picture. Looks straight out of one of those “Nature Wallpaper” folders in DC++. Must have been great to actually be at the place.

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