March 2009

The month of March has just begun and it’s going to be a pretty interesting month if you ask me. For all you know, I might be out of Orissa by month end – nothing sure but very likely you know. In any case, I am going to Sikkim next Sunday – shall spend a week there, trying to see snow and all that in the northern parts of the state. In all probability, before I go there I will buy myself a Canon Digital SLR camera with a compact zoom lens of focal length 18-200 mm – shall cost me a fortune but I shall buy it anyway. The SONY Cybershot camera that I had purchased before leaving for London is with sis now. So basically I am totally digital-camera-less which is not a very good thing. After all, I was born to click beautiful pictures – wasn’t I? πŸ™‚

I really don’t know where I would be in April – Bhubaneswar itself, or Chennai or Hyderabad or who knows even Dhaka?

One cool thing is that this uncertainty of the next place that’s gonna fall in my life, isn’t really bothering me much – at least as of now. If I do return  to Chennai and have to start living in my own house and all that once again – I am sure I will miss the comfort of all the good tasty food that’s served here always on time, the service of clothes (including underwear) being washed and pressed daily, the rent-free accommodation that I have been enjoying, the car that takes care of my local transport and so on. Seriously, it has been a really pretty pompous life here in Bhubaneswar man – with so many paid vacations in between to add glitter to the gold. At least it’s a good thing I did that I stopped using AC long time back. Even now when Bhubaneswar has become hot enough (believe me it crossed fucking 40 degrees few days back), I have kept this weird no-AC promise that I had made to myself. So yeah, I am glad that I didn’t let myself be spoiled totally.

What I am gonna like about living in Chennai shall be the fact that I would be back to Prachi and Leela and if Tiwari returns from Hyd, to him. That kind of completes my Chennai family if you ask me – these three people. Of course, insti would be there too – like an extended family – but I wonder how often I would go in there! The way I felt when I was there in November last year still haunts me – that feeling of being an outsider suddenly.

I saw this movie today called “In Bruges”. Ha ha, the movie was funny – it was a good movie. It was a good funny movie and you will like it even when everyone dies and all that in the end. LOL, stop cursing me for the spoiler. I just felt like being little bitchy you know. I feel like that sometimes – especially on sweet smelling Sunday evenings remembering friends who sit and breathe far away and yet keep the heart warm most of the time. Friends are the folks who love you even when you act bitchy and all – that’s a cool thing about friends.

When I saw Clemence smoking cigarette with Farrell in the movie – In Bruges – I kind of felt like smoking myself you know and then I did. Now that’s funny because I realized I had smoked only on one day in the whole of February – when I was in Delhi with Neelabh after my bike-trip. By the way, did you know that February marked the completion of exactly two years of my smoking career? Of course, for some reason or another (mostly because of my stupid addiction to running and jumping and other such animalish passions) I could never be regular at smoking these two years. This third year has had a pretty bad start as well, hasn’t it – just one fag? Heh, to think about it, so far I have never really thought about giving up smoking or anything. Even after two years I have not figured out the big deal about this ‘addictiveness’ tag attached to fagging. I am sure I have written this before but let me say it out again – sometimes I feel bad about them who have never touched a cigarette because they think they would be never be able to stop and all that – that’s such a farce thing to believe you know.

When I saw Clemence smoking cigarette with Farrell in the movie – In Bruges – I kind of also missed Prachi – that’s one thing we do a lot when with each other – I smoke and we chat, just like when with Neelabh. Tiwari doesn’t really like people smoking anywhere close to him, so when with him, we mostly cook food together – even that’s fun. And Leela – she is a kid you know, so smoking when with her is so not a good idea. You don’t really know kids of today – they don’t take a second to catch such habits from them who they adore so much. LOL – I so like boasting about myself. Ha ha, I guess I am simply in one of those nostalgic good moods today at the prospect of getting back to some of my family-like friends.

Eh alright, this post is going nowhere anymore if you ask me – so let me just say good-bye shaaba khair. I shall remain lost in my world for some more time and then when I wake up, I should find myself taking pictures of Kanchanjungha.

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I miss you sooooooooooooo much too…the fag and the chats…and the chai….come back soon!

πŸ™‚ March has just begun and all you gotta do is pray once in a while for the rest of the month that I return to apna Madras by the end of it – was telling the same thing to Leela as well… :mrgreen:

Let’s see…

After calling us Chennai family, nice try you are going anywhere else after March. Samjhe?

And you can continue to live in the delirium that I adore you. πŸ˜›

May be adore is a weaker word to use then.. you are like totally crazy maddily in awe of this guy called Amrit Vatsa – that suits you, eh? πŸ™‚

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