Running Track in Utkal University

Can I like make a small request to someone who has time and Google Earth – please tell me what’s the total distance of this running track that I have been tracing since like two weeks now. You may click on the image to check out the map on Google map.

For some reasons, Google Earth keeps crashing on my comp and thus I cannot calculate the distance of this traced path myself. For your reference, I run anti-clockwise and the starting point is the guest-house that you see on the bottom-right of the above map (also, I run on the right side of the road – it’s safer that way).

And now let me tell you guys something good about this track – it is one of the best running tracks because almost 80% of the time – you don’t have to run on asphalt – there’s plenty of clay along the road and there are long enough stretches having completely clayish path. Also, once you enter the univ you are basically inside a closed campus – that means hardly any vehicles, loads of trees, many walkers and few joggers as well. The only minus is the presence of dogs which gets irritating sometimes.

Street dogs are funny – if you are running in the morning, they bark at you only when they have company and you are alone. Also, when their company is rather strong (read more than four), they don’t just bark but the fuckers kind of rush towards you with open mouth displaying sharp canine and all that. It kind of got very messy today as some of them came too close at a point – about four or five of them. The good thing about street dogs is that all you need to do is pick up a stone or even pretend that you are picking up one and fucking run towards them like mad – that’s all you need to do to psyche them away. But seriously, they had never really come so close so far – if they hadn’t run away they would have definitely attacked – I mean they were almost there. Fuckers.

Anyway, so yeah, if possible, be kind and tell me how much have I been running. Do keep in mind that I do five laps in the stadium that you see in the map above (I guess it’s easy to figure out where the stadium in the track is). By the way, it’s kinda painful to hit the gym after an hour’s run – I hope I get used to it soon. Right now, all the fibres in the body are stretched out and exhausted – time for a hot bath I guess. See you guys. Love you all. Have a nice day and all that. Lol, I am funny.

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