When you went away…

When you went away I thought you broke my heart. Today, when I look back, I realize how wrong I was. You only brought truth to the surface.  I was born with a broken heart – just that I never knew it, especially when you were around.

Living with unfulfilled wishes might depress me once in a while but the good thing about them is that – these unfulfilled wishes shall live forever, unlike the fulfilled ones.

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Hey. Listen to “Tire Swings” from Juno soundtrack. Sing along n then read this post again. Then you can sing the post along in the same tune. It fits so perfectly!
I didn’t even realize that I was singing the post instead of reading it 🙂

“Unfulfilled wishes will live forever , unlike fulfilled ones. ”
Poignantly profoundly thought provoking. Heh! You like to live with wishes or want to see them fulfilled is the question.

You always want to see your wishes fulfilled. Some get, some don’t. The good thing about the wishes that get fulfilled is that – well, they got fulfilled. I was trying to think about the brighter side of those, that didn’t. 🙂

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