Our very own Advaniji

So like Obama, our very own neta Advaniji has started blogging too. Poor Bachchan can no more be called the oldest celebrity blogger – sigh!

The way I found out about his blog is weird.  My gone-crazy-for-money bro has put some Ads on my site so that he can make cash and stuff. Most of the times, all that the ad-section displays are those red coloured marry-me-NOW type of flashes. But today, the milky forehead of Advaniji was shining on my site and I simply had to click on this Ad selling him as a Prime Ministerial candidate 2009.

So I clicked and reached his portal. Oh yes, his was not just a blog-site – blog was just a part of the entire thing, you know. The best composed page in the Portal was definitely the Disclaimer. I mean I really liked it. The quoted text below, on that page, truly won my heart:

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing paragraph, the website does not warrant that:

  • this website will be constantly available, or available at all; or
  • the information on this website is complete, true, accurate or non-misleading.

Now, that’s what we call honesty, don’t we? It takes a man of courage like Advaniji to admit right away that his site is not meant to be ‘non-misleading’ or that his site is not supposed to be necessarily true.

I am full of praises for Sri Advaniji’s awesome site. For example, let’s talk about the header-images! They are so admirable! I wonder what creative energies might have gone into merging a cutout of Parliament and the flag with pictures of Advaniji sitting in his office, holding a pen in his right hand, exactly two inches above paper. These were one of the best usages of photoshop I had seen in quite some time. The one where the cutout was put over a mighty blue ocean was even superior in execution – it was class apart ! It so subtly put across the following message – if the Parliament sinks tomorrow with me at the helm of affairs, don’t tell me I didn’t give you a single clue!

There are so many good things to talk about respected Advaniji and his incredible site. There aren’t many blog-posts as of now, or else I would have praised them as well. So let me end this post with the following snapshot of the site that so truly represents the well known and admired secular image of BJP and Sri Advani.

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