Feelings where phone fails

Tiwari – in Hyderabad – told me that he finally got himself a Cannon Digital SLR yesterday. Bro – in Bangalore – told me that he was planning to read C++ and all that so the he could get some job in the current grim scenario once he returned to his campus in Goa. Prachi – in Chennai – told me how she had been covering Pan-IIT and how IIT had been looking like some corporate-park with grown up folks walking around in suit-boot and all that. Sister – in Bidar – told me that I crashed rather too early and when I was awake, I didn’t call her or ask her how she was.

That’s all I can do when there is nothing else to do – talk to all of them – siblings/ best-friends – on phone. I mostly listen to them speak though at times I do have one or two one-liners to offer myself – mostly to light up the chat. But there is no way, the feeling of loneliness, the feeling of lack-of-love can be conveyed, just through words, just through the phone. The heart longs to see them all, to eat with them, to watch TV with them, to listen to songs with them. And when this is what the heart longs for, I don’t know what to say over the phone!

And now they – the orange coloured species – won’t even let me do all those 60000000 pushups at MY pace. I was told today morning that with my kind of body, I could go on doing exercises for hours but that was not the point – if I was serious about gaining flesh, I must complete the entire program of exercise within an hour’s time. I guess just like my bro, the trainer who put this gyaan was probably satisfied with my ‘cuts’ but was definitely not too happy about the body-volume.

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Hey Thanks Lemonade – it was only after reading your comment that I searched for the article and in the process found another 2 day old, but really nice stuff on ET done by Vandana.

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