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Sometimes I really think that there’s no better life than to keep writing funny stuff, you know – the kind of things that make the readers smile, laugh, giggle – basically, in a summarizing sense – the kind of stuffs that make people feel happy and good and light and all that. Sometimes I also think that there should not be any serious stuff to read at all. Books on religion, engineering, sex, history – all of them – should be funny and hilarious. Imagine reading a book on VLSI that is full of adult jokes – what fun would that be! Or, imagine the Prime Minister of India cracking jokes after jokes – and more specifically some truly innovative ‘Sardar’ jokes in every LIVE press conference on TV. I actually like Bush for that – I mean this guy is funny, so what if it’s a natural talent! In fact I like the people of USA too, for they really had the sense of humor to re-elect him as the President few years back.

Have you guys read this classic called ‘The Catcher In The Rye‘? Do read it. It’s funny and in an intellectual sort of way. I have read about 40 pages and I already wish when  (if at all) I would Ibe writing something as charmingly funny. I say ‘charmingly funny’, because that’s exactly the kind of humor this book presents, the kind that comes out without jokes – it comes out simply from the author’s guts, or may be his nose, or probably from somewhere else. Who cares? Even Weight Loss‘ main substance was a very strong, very deeply -rooted comic flavor beneath it. By the way, did I tell you guys that between ‘Weight Loss’ and this ‘Catcher book’, I gulped another 459 pages cool stuff?

This book was Vol 1 of a something called – ‘The Non-Fiction Collection‘. It feels so good to boast about books when you have finished reading them. It feels good especially when you aren’t one of those intellectual types who can swallow 1000 pages in one go, as smoothly as a fatty would  would eat fresh cheese. It’s so much like telling the world that ‘hey listen you intellectual ass-holes- I can read too. Listen. Listen. Listen’.

It’s rather difficult to compose a voluptuous post without any focus, without any story, without any message, which still ends up being readable. What makes you guys like shit anyway? On second thoughts, all of us have always had a soft-corner for shit and other things shitty. Eh, cummon, just accept it. Actually, never mind.

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“as smoothly as a fatty would would eat fresh cheese” – You quietly slipped this in thinking no one would notice, didn’t you? What did she do to you da?! I’m gonna keep track of all the fat related posts from you!

PS: The Catcher is my fav. Would’ve read it ten times atleast:)

LOL! You kinky bitch. She was sweet, believe me and I don’t remember her eating cheese anyway. In fact her fatness had nothing to do with her liking for food. That’s actually bad, you know when you are well aware that a person is fat not because he / she eats too much and does li’l exercise but for reasons, not in his / her control. In that case you really feel like a real ass-hole for not having a heart big enough to like a person physically even when he or she is not to be blamed for the way they look.

I used this fatty eating fresh cheese liner to live up to the good ol image of fat people which strikes well with readers. Of course it’s mean and I was trying to sound funny on expense of other people. I don’t mind accepting it.

Sometimes I think, what gives me the guts to laugh on others in such an ass-holic way. And I guess I know the reason – that’s coz I have the guts to laugh over myself first. For example if someone were to ask me to describe myself physically, the answer simply would be – a dark Bihari looking choot with an ugly scar on his nose on an otherwise funny but wrinkled face that’s topped by a borrowed but crazy hair-style. Gee there you go. Ha ha. Life becomes so cool when you accept that all of us are good for nothings – and hence all of us should make fun of each other.

Being honest is the only thing that matters – it brings peace to us.

Having said all the above, fat people indeed are funny. 🙂

I would describe you as a sexy, sculpture that I wouldn’t mind humping when i’m out of my senses. I remember Reddy describing you as a Roman God. 😀
So enough of that fake humility. You like your body. You worship your body! And your nose is your USP.
Being honest it seems. Accept it. You like taking digs at fat people because you know you’ll never put on extra weight!

PS: I was very tempted to make your nanga pic my wallpaper, but decided against it.

I won’t say I won’t be putting extra weight just like that. But yes, that would be the last thing that I would let happen to myself – it’s pukish to imagine myself out of shape – the very idea drives me crazy. And LOL over you PS!

By the way, that Nanga pic was from a time when I was running and losing weight. I have stopped running since some time, and only working out with regular breaks, so that I can gain some weight in my upper body.

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