What I need to have

When my cropped-haired and short height Oriya physical trainer dressed in his usual orange shirt and black trek-pants made me do one arm/shoulder exercise after another, I soon drained out the last bit of strength from my biceps, triceps and other kinds of ‘ceps‘ – in case they existed on my arms. Trying to hide my exhaustion to the best of my abilities, and putting onΒ  a cute but fake gentle smile, I asked him if it was okay to give my arms some rest between these arm-exercises the next time, by doing some other kind of exercise in between that did not involve the arms. He thought for a while, and almost hesitantly and without much expression told me that I could do squats (without any weights) in between if that helped me. Is that all? – I said to myself. ‘How about the stomach, eh’? – I asked him, trying to make him realize that he had been ignoring crunches ever since I had joined the gym. ‘For that, you need to have a stomach, don’t you’? – he smirked. Fucker!

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I need to work out so that I can increase my speed in long distance running. The passion is running, working out is a supplementary activity. πŸ™‚

That was funny!
I can very well visualize a typical Oriya telling you that with that local flavour added to his accent!
All the best with your physical pursuits.

! Fucker ! πŸ˜›
SUMMARY of the post:
You were told by a physical trainer that you are fit enough and you are boasting about it ❗

Umm.. not really.. Summary of the post is that my trainer doesn’t even believe in the existence of my stomach and I was dreaming of prominent six packs and all that! sigh!

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